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Demolition Method Statement for Building, Structures or Services

Demolition requires very careful and safe method in order to make sure that persons involved and other related parties are protected from any hazards. Demolition may affect the public, workers and adjacent structures. Therefore a well defined procedure is necessary that will be strictly followed during the demolition work. The …

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Method Statement For Installation Of Porcelain Tiles for Floors and Walls

tiling work at walls

Below is the detailed method statement For installation of tiles on floors and walls. Semi-Dry Mortar method is useful for floor tiles works and for wall thin-bed adhesive method is useful. The aim of this method statement is to provide and maintain effective quality control procedures and to execute the …

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Method Statement for Bituminous Protective Coating Water Proofing

Water Proofing

It is essential to water proof a structure to prevent the seepage or penetration of water for its durability. Water proofing is required for many areas like basements, sunken portions, roofs, terrace gardens and expansion joints etc. Usually extensive waterproofing measures are added to a building at the time of construction, …

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Method Statement for Assembling Erection Installation & Management of Mast Climber

Mast Climber Installation Method statement

The Scope of this method statement covers all operations and associated activities involved in safe and efficient management of Mast Climber including assembling, erection, and installation for efficient and effective utilization in execution of project works. Following equipment shall be arranged: Tower crane Flat bed Lorries Safety harnesses, Helmet Chain …

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Method Statement for Installation of Roof Shading Louvers With Aluminium Cladding

installation method statement for Roof Shading Louvers

Before starting the construction work, ensure that all necessary work permit and safety requirements are complete. Supervisor to check that safety personnel is available to monitor the construction activity before start of work. HSE site engineer/office will ensure monitoring of the applicable PPE and especially the safety harness for all …

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Method Statement for Building Construction Project

Method statement for construction project is a mandatory requirement even sometimes at the pre-qualification stage of a construction contractor. Any reputable building construction company will follow best construction methods in order to provide best quality of work.  Many old companies are always maintaining a good documentation system hence ensuring that the …

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Concrete Repair Method Statement

Method Statement for Concrete Repairing

Concrete repair refers to modification of structure, damaged in its appearance or serviceability, to restore, partly or wholly, the pre-existing characteristics of serviceability, load-bearing capacity and if necessary, to improve its durability. Concrete structures deteriorate due to a number of processes leading to cracking and spalling of the concrete. Replacement …

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