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Testing & Commissioning

Ring Main Unit Testing and Commissioning Method Statement

Required tools for ring main unit testing and commissioning procedure: Primary Injection kit Contact Resistance kit High Voltage test kit 5.0 KV Megger Multi meters (Fluke Meters) Commissioning Phase The following sequence will be carried out for testing. Check the Bus bar tightness check with torque table mentioned below Check the Earthing Busbar tightness check with torque table below as …

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UV Sterilization System Testing and Commissioning Method Statement

Pre-Commissioning Phase and Start-Up Phase System Pre-Commissioning Checks for Filter Before commissioning the system the following shall be ensured. The system has been checked against the approved installation drawings. Check that the upstream pressure at the filter inlet is more than 2.5 bar (38psi) during the rinse cycle. Check that the filter is mounted in the correct flow direction. Check …

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Method Statement for Testing & Commissioning of Air Handling Units AHU & FAHU

Air Handling Unit AHU FAHU Testing and commissioning Method Statement

Prior to testing & commissioning ensure that all the sections of the Air Handling Units are thoroughly cleaned. In case units are supplied with per alumna panels, polythene protective film must be peeled off and must be ensured that no traces of film is left loose within the unit. Only qualified & experienced personnel shall perform testing & commissioning. Ensure …

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Drainage System Testing & Commissioning Procedure

Pre-Commissioning Phase System Pre-Commissioning Checks Before commissioning the system the following shall be ensured. a) The Installation and Leak testing of the pipes are completed. b) The installations sanitary wares (WC, Wash Basin, etc.) are completed. c) The sanitary wares are properly operating. Commissioning Phase Commissioning Checks for Drainage System a) Complete installation of Drainage system as per the approved …

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CCTV Camera Testing & Commissioning Procedure

Pan Tilt & Zoom or PTZ CCTV Camera

The purpose of this method statement is to specify the detailed requirements and procedure for testing & commissioning of installed CCTV System at a project in accordance to the specification and manufacture’s recommendation to reach the required quality and satisfying the requirements of the client. Below is the list of equipment that shall be used for CCTV testing. Electrician tool …

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Automatic Transfer Switch & Bypass Isolation Switch Method of Testing & Commissioning

Automatic transfer switch ATS Testing Procedure

The purpose of this method statement is to outline the sequence & method of Testing & Commissioning of Automatic transfer & Bypass isolation switch. This procedure is to be read in conjunction with relevant operators Manual and User’s guide. This procedure ensures the method used for testing and commissioning of Automatic transfer switch is correct and acceptable. After installing the switch check …

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Car Parking Management System Testing Commissioning Procedure

Electric installation and maintenance work may be carried out only by appropriately qualified licensed electricians. Mains connections must be hard-wired. Please ensure full compliance with all applicable national and international rules and regulations concerning electric connections, as well as all applicable safety rules. System units may be used only for their intended purpose, as specified by the manufacturer. Unauthorized modifications …

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Lead Acid Batteries Installation Operating Maintenance Instructions

Before starting the batteries installation begins, inspect for signs of damage or missing components. Store the battery in a dry, clean and preferably cool and frost-free location. Do not expose the cells to direct sunlight as damage to the container and cover may occur. As the batteries are supplied charged, storage time is limited. In order to easily charge the …

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