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Method Statement or Method Of Statement Example

Method statement is a technical and legal document which once approved for an activity becomes mandatory for workmen to follow. In many industries and most commonly in construction industry a construction method statement or method of statement gives guidelines for the workers with all necessary references. The references given in any method statement related any external resource or standard is …

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Method Of Statement For Installation Of Power Busbar

Before starting the installation of power busbar following tools shall be arranged: Tower Crane / Fork Lift for transporting Busbar Chain Block Pulley (Suitable Capacity) Portable hand tolls Portable Drilling Machine Spirit Level (1,50 meter – 2,00 meters long) Level Threads Torque wrench (capacity recommended by manufacturer) 1000 volts Megger Installation Procedure for Power Busbar: PREPARATION FOR INSTALLATION Start of …

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Electrical Method Of Statement For Installation of wires and cables – Wiring

This method statement for electrical work shall help you understand the requirements before and during the cable and wire pulling process. The document is very helpful for MEP QA/QC engineers to develop the professional electrical method statement for their project. Below is the list of equipment / Tools required for installation of wires and cables, which can be used for …

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Installation Of Access Control System Method Of Statement

This method statement provides steps for the installation of access control security system in order for operatives to understand the work to be executed, how it is to be executed while making references to other technical standards and relevant national/international standards. This method statement covers Installation of ACS access control system including brackets, supports wiring & accessories etc. There can be different …

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Method Of Statement For Installation of GI Conduits & Accessories For Electrical Works

Method Of Statement For Installation of GI Conduits & Accessories For Electrical Works is given below for the reference of our visitors if you want to use this method statement for your own work or company you can follow the complete method statement template and just include the below method statement in Installation section. For more detailed method statement for …

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Method Of Statement for Testing & Commissioning Of Water Filtration System

The water filtration system is used to filter the suspended particles in the water and mostly in the residential and commercial building these are installed in the mechanical floor for the purpose of turbidity, odor and smell removal. Typically the water filtration system consists of a booster pump, filtration tanks and filtration media. Installations are done as per manufacturer recommendations …

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