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Construction Method Statements

Installation Of Passenger’s Elevator Hooks, Hook Beams & Divider Beams

Prior transferring materials from lay down, the foreman shall make a materials inventory at the lay down area as per approved shop drawings if the all materials required for the passenger’s elevator hooks, hook beams and divider beams are all available at site. If found the materials available at site, the foreman shall take permission from the site Engineers that …

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Procedure for Installation of Steel Structure for Pump Rooms


The following Method Statement describes the procedure and equipment required for the installation of steel structure for pump room. Following equipment shall be arranged: Lifting Equipment: Tower Crane (if available) To lift the beams/Purlins structure from ground floor to the roof where  the area of installation is located. JCB or Fork Lift To bring the beams structure from laydown area to …

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Construction Method Statement Example

Piling Cage Installation

If you are looking for a professional construction method statement example then this page is helpful for you. We help you to understand the structure and requirements of a typical construction method statement. The information given is useful for engineers and other construction professionals in their work. This leads obviously to prepare a good and safe work method statement i.e. …

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UV Sterilization System Testing and Commissioning Method Statement

Ultraviolet UV Sterilization System are useful in many water purification systems to disinfect and control bacteria. Ultraviolet or UV energy is found in the electromagnetic spectrum between visible light and x-rays and can best be described as invisible radiation. UV light occurs with a wavelength ranging from 200 to 390 nanometers (nm). The most effective wavelength frequency, from the point-of-view …

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Method Statement for Testing & Commissioning of Air Handling Units AHU & FAHU

Air Handling Unit AHU FAHU Testing and commissioning Method Statement

Prior to testing & commissioning ensure that all the sections of the Air Handling Units are thoroughly cleaned. In case units are supplied with per alumna panels, polythene protective film must be peeled off and must be ensured that no traces of film is left loose within the unit. Only qualified & experienced personnel shall perform testing & commissioning. Ensure …

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Method Statement for Mobilization of Diesel Generator Genset

Diesel-Generator-Genset Mobilization Method

Step 1: Electrical Circuit Isolation Isolate the main electrical connections and supply line from the gen-set. Cut off the main circuit breaker of the generator control panel to “stop”. Disconnect the electrical batteries connection from the genset. Disconnect the grounding cable from the battery. Step 2: Dismantling of Radiator Exhaust Ducts Mark the mating parts of the radiator ducting at …

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