Car Parking Management System Testing Commissioning Procedure

Electric installation and maintenance work may be carried out only by appropriately qualified licensed electricians. Mains connections must be hard-wired. Please ensure full compliance with all applicable national and international rules and regulations concerning electric connections, as well as all applicable safety rules. System units may be used only for their intended purpose, as specified

Plate Heat Exchanger Installation Method

Installation method statement for Plate Heat Exchanger Unless otherwise specified, all heat exchanger installation  shall be in accordance to  approved shop drawings and contract specifications. Drawing plans, schematics, and diagrams indicate general location and arrangement of Plate Heat Exchanger’s. Install  Plate Heat  Exchanger’s as indicated  unless deviations  to  layout  are approved on coordination drawings. Plate Heat Exchanger

Bypass Terminal Reheat Units Testing & Commissioning Method

Pre-Commissioning Procedure Before starting the commissioning activities check and ensure that bypass Terminal Reheat units are installed as per the approved shop drawings and manufacturer’s instructions and approved. Check that sensing grids tubing connection from the grids to the transducers are correct & secure. Check for proper mounting of the actuator on the body of

Lead Acid Batteries Installation Operating Maintenance Instructions

Before starting the batteries installation begins, inspect for signs of damage or missing components. Store the battery in a dry, clean and preferably cool and frost-free location. Do not expose the cells to direct sunlight as damage to the container and cover may occur. As the batteries are supplied charged, storage time is limited. In

Sprinkler System Installation Procedure

For sprinkler system pipe routing through walls and beams, make sure the appropriate sleeves are provided as per approval shop drawings and specification during the construction of structural elements. Fittings for the changes of direction or elevation shall be selected and installed as per the specification and approved shop drawings. Transfer the pipes from the