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Test Reports & Forms

List Of Mandatory Tests For Transformers

The following routine tests specified in IEC726 shall be carried out at the manufacturer’s works on each and every transformer: a) Measurement of winding resistance b) Measurement of voltage ratio and check of vector relationship c) Measurement of impedance voltage (principal tapping), short circuit Impedance and load loss d) Measurement of no-load …

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Testing & Commissioning Report SMDB

COMMISSIONING RECORD SHEET : SMDB Project: Panel Location: Panel Ref.: Sheet of Rev. CIRCUIT DETAILS COLD TEST LIVE TEST Circuit No. Circuit Designation Cable (mm2) ECC (mm2) No. of Cores MCCB Amps MCCB Type MCCB (kA) ELCB Rating Insulation Resistance (MΩ) Ring Zs act. (Ω) Energized (Date) ELCB (mS) R-Y …

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Continuity & Insulation Resistance Testing Report

INSTALLATION & TEST REPORT Project      : Doc Ref No   : Test Instrument (Serial NO.s) SCM Ref No : Tested By     : Continuty tester               : Fed From  : Date             : Insulation Tester              : SCM Ref No Circuit Ref No Phase & Neutral Size (mm²) Circuit Name Contuinity Test (Ohms) Insulation resistance …

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