Piping Works

Sprinkler System Installation Procedure

For sprinkler system pipe routing through walls and beams, make sure the appropriate sleeves are provided as per approval shop drawings and specification during the construction of structural elements. Fittings for the changes of direction or elevation shall be selected and installed as per the specification and approved shop drawings. Transfer the pipes from the stores to the areas which …

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Condensate Water Filter Installation Method Statement

The Condensate Water Filter (Side Stream/ Multimedia) are compact filtration packages for the removal of grit, airborne particles and scale from cooling tower water in order to avoid system fouling. A licensed and/or trained/experienced plant electrician and millwright-pipe fitter should install this packaged system. Ensure that the concrete pad is level and structurally sound to accommodation the weight of the …

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Method Statement for Chemical Cleaning of Carbon Steel Pipelines

Chemical Cleaning will be done to remove the storage and assembly rusting, Protective greases and oils, Mill  scale, Welding slag, Dust, Dirt, Scale and most protective coatings from pipes and other atmospheric or contact erection residue. After completion of chemical cleaning  and  restoration, CS pipes will  be preserved / filled with nitrogen gas in order to avoid further rusting. Physical residues …

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Types of Welding WPS, CWB Arc Welding Tig Welding


Before going to the welding procedure in full detail let’s first understand what is welding? The term welding is used in mechanical engineering when we are joining two or more pieces of any material typically metal by application of heat, pressure or combination of both. This is simplest definition for welding. Mostly the term is used for metals but is …

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Welding Procedure | Arc Welding Machine

This welding procedure or Method statement describes in detail the welding process for pipe work and the welder’s qualification test procedures. This includes addressing programs for implementing commitments regarding the quality of welding works. Scope and Purpose This document outlines the method for executing welding procedure for pipe work and welding procedure qualification test for ARC Welder. This method statement covers all piping welding …

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