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Method Statement for Civil Works

Method statement for civil works is very important for the building construction works. These documents are used for approval of the civil construction works. In order to start a construction activity method statement for building construction should be prepared and submitted for approval.

Below is the list of method statements for civil works that you can check by scrolling down and then visiting other pages as well. You can search a specific civil method statement from search box on right side of this page.

Method Statement for Ground Preparation of Excavations & Service Trenches


This document covers excavation and ground preparation for the roadway and service trenches and shall include all excavation, shaping and sloping necessary for the construction, preparation and completion of all subgrade, shoulders, slopes, gutters, intersections, approaches, entrances and trenches in conformity to the alignment, grades, and cross-sections shown on the drawings or established by the Consultant. Excavation will generally be …

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Installation Of Passenger’s Elevator Hooks, Hook Beams & Divider Beams

Prior transferring materials from lay down, the foreman shall make a materials inventory at the lay down area as per approved shop drawings if the all materials required for the passenger’s elevator hooks, hook beams and divider beams are all available at site. If found the materials available at site, the foreman shall take permission from the site Engineers that …

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Method Statement for Piling Works Constructions – Drilling

A crawler mounted piling rig will be used to install bored cast in situ piles of dia 1200 mm. The procedure for the construction of bored piles, with temporary casing under bentonite / water  support system, comprises the following key elements: Setting up at the pile location Installation of temporary guide casing Drilling of the pile borehole Recycling of Bentonite …

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Download Method Statement For Internal Painting Works

Download Method Statement For Internal Painting Works  Download Package Contains the Method Statement + Checklists for Painting + Inspection & Testing Plan + Risk Assessment  You only need to change project name and insert logos etc and the same shall be ready to be submitted for approval from consultant/clients. Below is the list of files that are included in download package. The files are …

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