HVAC Duct Work Installation Method Statement

HVAC Duct Work & Accessories Installation Method Statement 1. PURPOSE This method statement cover on site installation of pre-fabricated duct-work systems manufactured from hot dipped galvanized steel sheet to S.M.A.C.N.A. 2. SCOPE OF WORK This method statement is to define the method to be used to ensure that prefabricated ducting, bracketing, and in line equipment installation and final connections and workmanship are correct …

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Method Statement For Drainage Piping PVC uPVC Underground Above Ground

SCOPE & DESCRIPTION OF WORK: This method statement is applicable for all drainage works underground, above ground, horizontal and vertical drainage piping for XYZ project as specified in project specification. Responsibility: It will be the responsibility of PM and PE to ensure the availability of coordinated drawings and the required materials as per the project specifications.  Piping will be installed by the …

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Download Risk Assessment Templates


Following are the templates that you can use for conducting the risk assessments for any kind of activities related to any industry like  manufacturing, production and construction etc. Files are in Word Document format and you can make changes as per your requirements. 1. Hazard Identification Checklist/Form This is very initial form where you need to identify whether the hazard …

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Risk Management

risk management

Risk management as understood by its name is process of managing the risks, that involves first identify, assess and prioritize the risks and then implement the coordinated measures and/or resources to eliminate, minimize and monitor the probability and impact of the unwanted events or situations. The risk that we need to manage can be of any type i.e. credit risk, uncertainty in …

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Common Risks Associated with Welding Process

welding risks

There are many types of welding that are having different risks associated with them. Here we shall mention the risks associated with electric arc welding. Welding is safe profession if necessary protective measures are taken to safeguard the welder from potential hazards. If necessary control measures are not taken following dangers are there for a welder: Electric Shock Risk During Welding A …

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