Method Statement for Mobilization of Diesel Generator Genset

Diesel-Generator-Genset Mobilization Method

Step 1: Electrical Circuit Isolation Isolate the main electrical connections and supply line from the gen-set. Cut off the main circuit breaker of the generator control panel to “stop”. Disconnect the electrical batteries connection from the genset. Disconnect the grounding cable from the battery. Step 2: Dismantling of Radiator Exhaust Ducts Mark the mating parts of the radiator ducting at …

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Method Statement For Vibro Compaction Works


Vibro compaction technique is applicable and effective for the improvement of loose natural fine sands as well as the compaction of Fills.  Relative density is improved, potential for liquefaction from a seismic event is reduced, improvement depth up to 20.0 m or even much deeper can be achieved with this technique depending on the size of equipment used. Vibro compaction …

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Piling Problems and Risks During Execution Works


The following possible risks or problems are identified with the activities involved with pile execution. Survey – Out of Positioning of the Pile The pile position shall be cross-checked by the Engineer, Contractor and Sub Contractor before the installation of pile. If any out of position of the pile (more than the allowable tolerance) has been noticed after the concreting …

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