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Method Statement for Anti Termite Treatment Procedure

This method statement covers the detailed procedure to be followed for anti-termite application under footings, grade slabs, crawl places, around structures, at expansion joints, control joints and the areas where slabs will be penetrated. This procedure shall be read in conjunction with project/contract specification wherever applicable.



Below is the equipment involved in anti-termite works:

  • Can
  • Safety gloves
  • Mixing Machines
  • Power sprayer
  • Securing pin

The capacity / size of the above equipment shall be judged in accordance with site conditions, requirements, and availability at the time of execution


  • All employees shall be provided with complete personal Protection equipment PPE.
  • All employees shall attend Safety Induction and training Course to identify all Hazards associated with this work.
  • All workers shall be provided with proper tools and equipment to execute the work safely.
  • MSDS (material safety data sheet) shall be displayed at work location as appropriate

Metod Statement for Anti Termite


  • Ensure the material/supplier approval obtained from the Engineer.
  • Before chemical application, all extraneous sources of cellulose and other edible materials such as wood debris, tree stumps, root stakes, construction soil and waste wood shall be removed from the treated areas.
  • All foreign matters and impermeable soil material which decrease the treatment effectiveness shall be removed from the treated area.
  • Formation shall be compacted and tested prior to the application of anti termite.
  • Manufacturer’s instructions/procedures including dilution and application shall be strictly followed during application.
  • The treated areas shall be covered with polythene sheet as soon as the treatment is completed.
  • Treated areas shall be kept undisturbed as per manufacturer recommendation in order to allow chemical to bind strongly with the soil.
  • In case if the soil removed from the treated areas and rains after the treatment, the areas shall be treated again in order to restore the continuity of the chemical barrier.

Checklist For Anti Termite Application:

Sub-Contractor/ Applicator Verification –       Check Sub-contractor’s approval.-       Applicator is a licensed PCO.
Material approval –       Check Material approval.-       Check Product certificate signed by the Manufacturer are available
Incoming material inspection Check and ensure that all delivered materials conform to approved material submittal.
Preparation of strata Substrata is free of foreign materials and impermeable soil matters
Mixing Mixing to be done as per approved method statement and manufacturer recommendation
Areas of application –       Slab-on-Grade (SOG)-       Foundations

–       Crawlspaces

–       Masonry

–       Penetrations

Rate of application Check as per manufacturer recommendation and approved method statement.
Protection Ensure that 1000 gauge polyethylene sheet has been laid under the SOG and PCC below footing.


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