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Method Statement for Wooden Floor Finishes Installation

Below is the equipment and tools involved in the installation of wooden flooring:

  • Steel tape
  • Table top miter saw
  • Slide compound saw
  • Jig saw
  • Circular saw
  • Battery drill
  • Trimmer
  • Power Plainer
  • Plate Joiner

The capacity / size of the above equipment shall be judged in accordance with site conditions, requirements, and availability at the time of execution

Installation Procedure Of Wooden Flooring

  • Ensure that Material submittal and subcontractor are approved by the consultant.
  • Ensure that shop drawings showing installation details including location and layout of each fabricated wood flooring, details of fabrication, finishes, materials and joinery methods are submitted and approved by the consultant.
  • Verify flooring location by field measurement before fabrication and indicate measurements on shop drawings. Coordinate fabrication schedule with construction progress to avoid delaying the work.
  • Install factory finished wooden flooring after other finishing operations including painting, have been completed.
  • Installation should be done as per the manufacturer recommendations.
  • Check substrate concrete is dried and moisture test is done by third party prior to start of flooring. If installation to be done on existing concrete, check for the level and soundness.
  • Check that MEP clearance obtained. If any services coming in the floor.

Method Statement for wooden flooring procedure


  •  Delivered parquet material shall be in unopened cartons or bundles and should be stored in designated area to protect from damage, stain and moisture.
  • Store fabricated wood flooring in a dry, warm, well ventilated, weather tight location.
  • Once completed other finishing activities start preparing substrate.
  • Substrate should be sound, dry and free of contaminants such as rust, dust, dirt oil, grease, mortar, paint splatter or any other material which could compromise bonding.
  • Any curing membrane, traces of shutter oil or plaster splattering will be completely removed by suitable methods.
  • Substrate should be levelled and flat. Apply self levelling cementations compound as per manufacturer recommendation if required.
  • Roll out a vapour retarder from wall to wall, as specified in the manufacturer installation instructions.
  • Application of timbermate acoustic underlay to be done as per manufacturer manual and as detailed in the approved shop drawings.
  • After application, clean the acoustic underlay membrane.
  • Place the wooden flooring on top of acoustic underlay. Floating system will allow the wood to move (contract/expand) and will prevent them from warping and bending.
  • Maintain the expansion gap on the perimeter as shown in the approved drawings and as per manufacturer recommendation.
  • Fix the accessories such as skirting, beading, t-profile and door profile when the flooring is fully installed and acclimatized.
  • Enough number of workers shall be arranged for the cleaning and protection.
  • Please refer to attached “Construction Details and Installation Method of Wooden Floors” for further details.


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