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Installation Method Statement For Sliding Aluminum Doors

Below is the procedure for performing the Sliding Aluminum Doors installation for any kind of project.

EQUIPMENT & TOOLS REQUIRED: Following tools shall be arranged before starting the work onsite.


  • Concrete Drill Machine
  • Rechargeable Tighter machine
  • Small cutting machine
  • Tool Box
  • Extension wire
  • Line Dory
  • Spirit level


  • Plastic Hammer
  • Metal Hammer
  • Screw Driver Flat
  • Screw Driver Star
  • Round and flat file
  • Chisel
  • Right Angle
  • Silicon gun
  • Rivet gun
  • Allen key
  • Plier
  • Vice grip
  • Measurement tape
  • Knife
  • Spanner

The capacity / size of the above tools and equipment shall be judged in accordance with site conditions, requirements, and availability at the time of execution


Sliding Doors Installation Procedure:

  • Aluminium track profile will be cut to length and manually lifted into position on to a pre-prepared structure and secured via screw fixings.
  • All associated components will be then attached to this profile
  • Door leaves with approved glass will be manually manipulated into place and secured to the track
  • Activation devices and programmer switches will be screwed fixed to the structure and wired back to the operator.
  • Any remote activation devices/Sensors will be installed with cabling having range of min 1 meter.
  • Electrical connection to the operator will be made by technicians using supplied cable (240V 13A) connecting to BMS/Fire fighting System for testing. The spur should be provided to the left or right side at operator height.
  • Doors to be set up according to their operating specification.

Aluminum sliding door method statement


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