Risk Assessment Process – Step 2 Risk Evaluation and Control


In risk assessment and hazard identification process step 1 we have already identified the hazards associated with the activity of concern. Now we are going to evaluate the actual risk quantitatively associated with each hazard or aspect. We will use a typical risk assessment matrix for estimating the severity and probability of occurrence of the unwanted event/damage. Remember  to involve as many people …

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Risk Assessment Process -Step 1: Hazard Identification

Risk Assessment & Risk Management

As mentioned in one of our previous article “What is Risk Assessment?” it was mentioned that this is a step wise process. Now we shall explain each step in detail to better understand the complete process and making you able to conduct this exercise independently. Risk Assessment Step 1 : Hazard Identification The first step to start risk assessment for any …

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What Is Risk Assessment & Hazard Identification? HIRA


We have already learned about the risk and hazard. We came across the terms high risk and low risk. How one can decide the risk is high or low that process is called risk assessment. Risk Assessment is a step wise process first  to identify the hazards associated with an activity, situation or an object and then evaluate the risk associated …

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What Is Hazard? | Hazard Definition | Hazard Meaning


Hazard Meaning The word hazard definition is very difficult to explain since it is mixed with other terms like danger and risk. We can define hazard as a cause or source of potential loss/danger. Hazard can be a situation or an object that may cause harm to personnel or property if handled improperly. If a person is working on height there is …

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What Is Risk and Risk Assessment?

Please read carefully if you really want to understand the definition of risk. The word risk is very common for all of us and we use it frequently in our life. You may have heard many times someone saying ” I can not take risk to go out in bad weather ” and everybody understands what does that mean. We understand …

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