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Final Distribution Boards Testing Report Checklist

The checklist or test report for mdb, smdb and fdb can be used for testing and commissioning purpose as per the below given template.

There is one another page on our website that provides full list of applicable tests and respective method statement for LV Switchgear installation and testing of all components.


You can download the method statement for testing and commissioning of LV & MV switch gear with all checklists as well from our website.

DB Installation & Testing Report

DB INSTALLATION & TESTING REPORT Project : Doc Ref No : Test Instrument (Serial NO.s) DB Ref No : Tested By : Loop Impedance tester : Continuty tester : Fed From : Date : Insulation Tester : Circuit identify No Circuit Ref No MCB Rating (A) Phase & Neutral Size (mm²) Circuit Name Contuinity Test (Ohms) Insulation resistance test (Mohms) polarity Earth Loop Impedance Zs, (Ohms) Functional Testing Remarks R1 + R2 (line + Earth) R2 Ring Line/Neutral Line/Earth RCD Time (ms) Other Supplier Contractor Consultant Third Party Name : Sign : Date :


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