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The purpose of generating this method statement is to define the procedure step by step to implement the correct practices for Installation of Wiring Devices & Ceiling Rose for Electrical System through the guidelines contained herein so as to ensure that the job execution complies with the requirements of contract specification and serves the intended function to satisfactory level.


This method statement covers all processes related to Installation of Wiring Devices & Ceiling Rose for Electrical System as the following:

This procedure is to be read in conjunction with the relevant ITP, outlining the responsibility and the quality verification to be performed by various parties.


  • Approved Shop Drawings:
  • Approved Material Submittals
  • Manufacturer’s Data Sheets
  • Manufacturer’s Recommendation
  • British Standard Institute (BS)
  • Institute of Electrical Engineers (IEE)
  •  Regulation of the local Electrical Authority
  • Requirements of Civil Defense Department


PQP: Project Quality Plan

PSP: Project Safety Plan

QCP: Quality Control Procedure

HSE: Health, Safety and Environment

MS: Method Statement

ITP: Inspection Test Plan

QA/QC: Quality Assurance / Quality Control

wiring devices installation method statement


Project Manager

The work progress shall be carried out as per planned program and all the equipments required to execute the works shall be available and in good condition as per project planned.

The constant coordination shall be implemented with the Company, Safety Engineer and Sub-contractors for the safe and proper execution of the work.

Specific attention is paid to all safety measures and quality control in coordination with Safety Engineer and QA/QC Engineer and in line with PSP and PQP. 


The method of Installation of Wiring Devices & Ceiling Rose shall be implemented according to the project specifications and approved shop drawings.

Provision of all necessary information and distribution of responsibilities to his Construction team.

The work progress shall be monitored in accordance with the planned work program and he will provide reports to his superiors.

The constant coordination with the Safety Engineer to ensure that the works are carried out in safe working atmosphere.

The constant coordination with the QA/QC Engineer for any works to be carried out and initiate for the inspection for the finished works.

He will ensure the implementation of any request that might be raised by the Company.

Efficient daily progress shall be obtained for all the equipment and manpower.

He will engage in the work and check the same against the daily report received from the Foremen.

The passage of all the revised information to the Foremen and ensure that it’s being carried out properly.

Coordination with the surveyor and plan the survey works in advance as per the work sequence.

QA/QC Engineer (MEP):

The monitoring of executions of works at site and should be as per the approved shop drawings and specifications.

Ensure ITRs are being raised for activities in timely manner and inspected by the Company.

He will follow and carried out all the relevant tests as per project specifications.

Obtain the required clearance prior to Company’s inspections.

Should acquire any necessary civil works clearances and coordination.

Site Foreman

The carrying-out of work and the proper distribution of all the available resources in coordination with the Site Engineer on a daily basis.

Daily reports of the works are achieved and coordinated for the future planning with the Site Engineer.

Incorporate all the QA/QC and Safety requirements as requested by the concerned Engineer.

Meeting with any type of unforeseen incident or requirement and reporting the same to the Site Engineer immediately.

Safety Officer

The implementation of all safety measures in accordance with the HSE plan and that the whole work force is aware of its proper implementation.

The implementation of safety measures is adequate to maintain a safe working environment on the work activity.

Inspection of all the site activities and training personnel in accident prevention and its proper reporting to the Construction Manager and the Project Manager.

The site is maintained in a clean and tidy manner.

Ensure only trained persons shall operate the power tools.

Ensure all concerned personals shall use PPE and all other items as required.

Ensure adequate lighting is provided in the working area at night time.

Ensure high risk elevated areas are provided are barricade, tape, safety nets and provided with ladders.

Ensure service area/inspection area openings are provided with barricade, tape, and safety nets.

Ensure safe access to site work at all times.


  • Wiring Devices
  • Switches, Sockets, Outlets
  • Portable Hand Tools
  • Portable Drilling Machine
  • Spirit Level
  • Water Level
  • Step Ladder
  • Insulation Testing Equipment
  • Multimeter
  • Safety requirements tools such as safety shoes, safety helmet, safety glasses, fluorescent vest, and safety gloves to ensure maximum ability of safe work and dust mask when require.



Ensure only trained persons shall operate the power tools.

Ensure all concerned personals shall use PPE and all other items as required.

Ensure adequate lighting is provided in the working area at night time.

Ensure service area/work area openings are provided with barricade, tape, and safety nets.

Work Sequence And Methodology

Check all material delivered to site is inspected properly by QA/QC Engineer and check if it is stored properly as per manufacturer’s recommendations.

MIR shall be raised for the inspection of materials, Wiring Devices & Ceiling Rose, received at site to the  Engineer.

Work shall be carried out by the site staff under strict supervision and guidance of the concerned Supervisors / Foremen / Engineers.

The MEP QA/QC Engineer shall check all the installations as per the Installation Check list.

IR shall be prepared by MEP QA/QC Engineer and will be submitted to consultant for their inspection and approval.

MEP QA/QC Engineer shall coordinate with other contractors and arrange inspection for installation to the Engineer.

MEP QA/QC Engineer is responsible for all installation activities for getting the work inspected and approved by Engineer.

Installation of Wiring Devices & Ceiling Rose

  • Raise inspection request when work is completed for Installation of Wiring Devices & Ceiling Rose to the Engineer.
  • Test results should be submitted to consultant for the records.
  • All devices shall be identified with proper labeling as per approved schedule.
  • Cover plates for switches & receptacles shall be specified & protected with appropriate and designed for type of use & purpose.
  • Where more than one devices occurs in eye outlet box, causing 230V or more between them, a barrier must be provided between them.
  • Bracket outlets shall be level & centered on columns or above doors when installed in these locations.
  • Wires shall be tested with a 500-v insulation tester before installation, after marking off all the wires.
  • Ensure all accessories are properly earthed.
  • Ensure all accessories boxes with approved depths as specified are installed and check for correct mounting height and where accessories and similar components are shown adjacent to each other the lower edges are to be in line. Proper leveling shall be checked for all accessories.
  • Installed wiring accessories shall be covered by suitable protective sheets from any damages.
  • Cover plates of all wiring accessories are to be fixed only after completion of painting and finishing works and shall be kept protected against dirt and damages.
  • Gap between wiring accessories shall be uniform.
  • All light switches unless noted are to be located on latch side of doors. Coordination with architectural drawings are required.
  • All power sockets & lighting switch are to be provided with earthing terminal.
  • All wiring accessories shall be fixed flush with finishing surface.
  • Internal wiring of the lighting fittings shall be appropriate type and size and number. Conductor shall be of size not less than 1.5 mm², single core or equivalent. The insulation of the cables shall be able to withstand throughout the life of the fitting the fitting and maximum temperature to which it will be subject in normal use without deterioration which could affect the safety of the fitting.
  • Wiring accessories are to be installed as per approved drawings. Bottom of the wiring accessories in a group shall be maintained in same level as heights are indicated in the approved shop drawings. When different outlets on the wall, keep always the same order of outlets like 13A switches, sockets, television, telephone and data.
  • Wiring accessories installed in exposed external areas shall be of weather-proof type IP 65. Proper care should be taken while installing the gaskets and other accessories.
  • Types of wiring accessories are to be selected as per the approved material submittal.
  • Ensure that the civil works including finishing are completed for the area of installation and released/cleared by civil section to proceed on with the installation of wiring accessories.
  • Ensure that all the wiring accessories are received at site as per approved material submittal.
  • Installation works shall be carried out only with respect to approved shop drawings of latest revision.


  • ITP
  • Inspection Checklists
  • Risk Assessment
  • Technical Data