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Sanitary Fittings / Sanitary Ware Installation Method Statement

Installation of sanitary ware fittings can be done step wise as per mentioned procedure or method statement below.

a) Storage of Sanitary Fittings

i) Upon completion of receiving QC inspection, the sanitary ware will be segregated model / size wise and stored accordingly for easy retrieval.


ii) Sanitary ware shall be stored on a flat surface in well-ventilated and covered storage area

iii) Manufacturer’s instructions shall be strictly followed as applicable.

iv) Store Keeper will be responsible for proper storage and maintenance of records, as required.

b) Installation of Sanitary fittings / wares:

After completion of plumbing & drainage and completion of floor, wall tiles and room doors, we can start to install sanitary ware.

A) Fixing Methods For Sanitary Fittings

 Water Closet

i)  After getting the civil clearance, the concealed cistern shall be assembled and mounted on the wall as per approved manner as well as manufacturer’s recommendations.

ii)  Cistern water inlet and flush outlet connection shall be completed with suitable fittings and same to be tested before closing the panel/duct.

iii)  Drainage pipe (W.C. outlet/branch) shall be positioned properly to receive the W.C. connector.

iv)  Cut out/opening for W.C. outlet, flush outlet, cistern knob/actuator are to be marked on the panel and same to be cut as per requirement.

v)  W.C. pan shall be mounted on floor and mark the location of fixing points (space will be allow for connector).

vi)  Holes to be made on the floor for screwing.

vii) Ensure that W.C. connector rubber seal is correctly located on rim of connector.

viii) Lubricate W.C. spigot and rubber seal of connector.

ix) Insert W.C. spigot into connector and push together.

x) Joint/cap to wall/panel and floor sealed with waterproof sealant after commissioning the system.

Wash Basin

i) After getting the civil clearance, the water supply and drainage arrangements shall be made clear and tidy.

ii) As per manufacturer’s recommendation, using basin as a template to determine proper counter.

iii) For wooden or similar counter-top `fixing clips’ shall be used. For marble or similar countertop basin, be supported on a timber framework.

iv) After carefully placing the basin, under the rim and joint/cap shall be sealed with waterproof sealant.

v) Mixer location (as per approved) to be marked on the counter and the same to be cut.

vi) Then mixer shall be fitted and water supply, drainage connection will be made.

Bath Tub / Shower Traysanitary ware method statement

i) After getting the civil clearance, the bath tub/tray shall be placed on the approved location and same to be fixed over the block work and leveling the height and slope.

ii) Tub/tray drain outlet shall be connected to waste pipe using approved adaptor/bush.

iii) Joint/cap an around the tub/tray sealed with waterproof sealant


i) Before wall tiling work, the mixer approved location shall be marked and hot  & cold water points are to be terminated accordingly.

ii) The same above procedure to be followed for the shower head.

iii) After the tiling work, the exposed mixer/shower head will be fixed.

Kitchen Sink

i) Water supply and drainage arrangements to be made clear and tidy.

ii) Counter with finish to be made perfect and properly levelled.

iii) Install the kitchen sink in the exact position (as specified in drawing).

iv) Fix the sink mixer and connect with cold and hot water supply with angle valve.

v) Fix the waste with ‘P’ Trap (with strainer) and connect to the drainpipe.

vi) Seal the gap between kitchen sink and marble.


i) Before the tiling work, the urinal outlet point, and water supply feeding point either flush valve/cistern are to be marked as per approved location as well as manufacturer’s recommendation and same are to be terminated accordingly.

ii) After the tiling, the wall urinal shall be fixed using with supplied clips/bracket as per manufacturer’s recommendation.

iii) Water and drainage connection to be made with approved fittings.

c) Inspection

i) Work Inspection Request shall be raised for Consultant’s inspection and sign off.


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