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Loading Platform Erection, Assembling and Installation Method Statement

The Scope of this method statement covers all operations and associated activities involved in safe and efficient erection and construction of Loading Platforms including assembling and installation for efficient and effective utilization of Platforms in execution of project works.

Following tools / equipment shall be arranged.

  • JCB
  • Tower crane
  • Props / jacks
  • Loading platform (Pre Fabricated)
  • Soldier Beam
  • Safety harnesses, Helmet
  • Chain blocks, power tools (if required)
  • Other hand tools (if required)

Pre-Construction Requirements of Loading Platform 

  • Temporary Loading Platforms are used on construction sites for shifting and transfer of materials at different levels of the building.
  • It can be installed and demounted conveniently.
  • It is efficient and safe transporting technique.
  • The location of Loading Platform is decided and mentioned on the approved drawing / sketch.
  • The numbers of platforms required for each floor are mentioned on the approved drawing considering site conditions and requirements.
  • All erection will be carried out under Supervision of qualified Erection Supervisor.
  • Plant area around the loading platform will be kept cleared and cleaned for the smooth and safe lifting Operation during work progress.

Installation Procedure of Loading Platform

  • Site engineer to make sure all the materials required for fixing and installation of loading platform are available at site.Loading-Platform-Construction-Method-Statement
  • Make sure that civil structure is complete and area of installation is cleared to receive all the materials.
  • Make sure all the erection team is available at site and ready for installation. HSE induction for the erection team is mandatory requirement.
  • Tower crane will be used for lifting the pre fabricated loading platforms or its sections as applicable.
  • Platform will be held stationary with tower crane during the fixing process.
  • Platform will be adjusted to its designated location, according to the approved drawing.
  • 5 m part of the platform will rest on the floor slab.
  • 5 m part will be projected.
  • 12 to 15 Props will be fixed on both sides of the platform up to the slab soffit.
  • U-head will be used to hold the soldier beam at top of the jack which will support the slab.
  • Approved drawing showing all the fixing detail will be followed.
  • Cross bracings will be provided to support the jacks at the top.
  • Tower crane will release the platform once all props are provided and ensured that these are fully tightened.
  • Hand rail/safe guard will be provided to the projected portion of the platform.
  • All the installation procedure will be carried out under qualified supervisor and strict safety regulations.
  • Third party inspection will be conducted to get the clearance certificate before using the platform.