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Inspection Checklists For Different Activities

This page contain a list of available inspection checklists for different construction activities, different projects use specific checklists for their systems which are mostly pre-approved and specific to the project requirements. The formats given below are also provided based upon general requirements and can provide a good base for any engineer to modify the given checklists formats as per their project or site requirements.

Our checklists are solely for the purpose of giving a baseline for engineers to start preparing the specific inspection checklists depending upon the specification requirements. We suggest to study the project requirements while reading these checklists and include or exclude the items that are required to be removed or included.

  1. Installation-of-HVAC-Duct-Work-System
  2. Installation-of-Internal-Lighting
  3. Installation-of-Lightening-Protection-System
  4. Installation-of-HVAC-Damper-Louver-and-Accessories
  5. Installation-of-Fans-and-Accesories
  6. Installation-of-Exposed-Conduit
  7. Installation-of-Capacitor-Bank
  8. Installation-of-Domestic-Water-Piping-System
  9. Installation-of-Duct-Pipes-and-Equipment
  11. Installation-of-Cable-Tray-Trunking-and-Ladder
  13. Air-Balancing-at-air-terminals
  14. testing-commissioning-of-Fans
  15. Pre-Commissioning-check-Test-Sheet-CCU-Units
  16. Pre-Commissioning-check-Test-Sheet-Fans
  17. TC-check-sheet-duct-traverse
  18. Pre-Commissioning-check-Test-Sheet-Air-Handling-Units
  19. Pre-Commissioning-check-list-for-split-units
  20. Pre-Commissioning-check-list-FAHU
  21. Performance-check-Sheet-Fresh-Air-Handling-Units-FAHU-return-1
  22. Performance-check-Sheet-Fresh-Air-Handling-Units-FAHU-supply-1
  23. performance-commissioning-of-CCU-units
  24. Performance-check-Sheet-Air-Handling-Units-Supply-Air
  25. Performance-check-Sheet-Air-Handling-Units-Return-Air
  26. commissioning-of-split-units-outdoor-units
  27. commissioning-of-split-units-indoor-units