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Testing, Commissioning, Training, Handover and DLP Strategy for a Project

Testing & Commissioning

Testing & commissioning is done once all civil & MEP system installation is completed, inspected and approved. Before starting the T&C activities a comprehensive testing & commissioning plan is prepared and approval is taken from client/consultant. It is discussed and mutually agreed whether the T&C can be done on temporary power or the permanent power is mandatory. All calculations related to temporary power requirements are done and generators with voltage stabilizers are provided so that equipment are not damaged due to fluctuation in the power supply.

Before starting the Testing & Commissioning, method statements are prepared by all subcontractors, suppliers, TAB Agency and any involved third parties etc. These method statements including ITP, Checklists and risk assessments are submitted and approval is taken before starting the individual T&C activity. All pre-commissioning and commissioning activities are Witnessed as per approved ITP, by main contractor / consultant / client / end user representatives.


Execution of testing & commissioning is done in the following sequence:

  1. Arrangement of temporary / permanent power in line with the load demand of the project equipment’s.indoor air quality testing
  2. Coordinating with suppliers and calling them for standalone testing / pre-commissioning as per approved  commissioning plan.
  3. Approval of pre-commissioning for each system before going for final testing & commissioning stage i.e. closing of comments.
  4. Final testing, Commissioning & integration by suppliers / third parties including closing of all comments.

End User Training’s:

Once the T&C is completed and approved now the system is ready for handover to client but before final handing over training are conducted for Facility Management or maintenance team of client/ end users. Trainings are conducted as per agreed plan with client & specialist suppliers. As required training are conducted in two parts:

  1. Office presentation for over view of the system
  2. Site demonstration by the trainers including the answers to any questions raised.

Hand Over of the Project

Once the system is tested, commissioned, approved and integrated with other systems i.e. FA, LCS or BMS etc. finally it is handed over to the client officially and Provisional Acceptance Certificate / TOC is issued from client. At that stage following steps are ensured:

  1. Handing Over of O&M Manuals, already approved.
  2. Handing over of Warrantees, already approved.
  3. Handing Over of Spare Parts, already approved & procured.
  4. Submission of close out report with recommendations for FM team

At the same time project team hands over the systems to its FM department which then takes control of any routine maintenance requirements etc. of the project during the Defect Liability Period.

During DLP dedicated resources are available 24 hours for attending any complaints and corrective & preventive maintenance requirements. A copy of O&M Manuals is also handed over to maintenance team for ready reference of the T&C records, warrantees and other troubleshooting guide lines. Once Defect Liability Period is completed the project is finally handed over to the client as per the contract, with final report mentioning critical areas for maintenance and recommendations for the client for smooth operation of the MEP system in future.


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