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Procedure for Repairing Damaged Outer Jacketing of Cables by Wraparound Heat Shrinkable Sleeves

SCOPE OF WORK: This Method Statement describes the procedure for repairing the damaged outer jacketing of cables using wrap around heat shrinkable sleeves.


  •  Cable preparation tools
  • Cable manufacturer approved solvent
  • Clean, lint free clothes
  • Burning Torch
  • Electrician’s tape
  • Installation tools



The wrap around heat shrinkable cable sleeves used shall be as per approved material submittal.         

Heat shrinkable cable sleeve

  • The sleeve is made from modified cross-linked polyolefin, with a hot-melt adhesive liner on the inner side of the sleeve.
  • Upon heating, the sleeve shrinks and the adhesive melts, creating a water-tight bond between the sleeve and the cable. Wraparound Cable Repair Sleeves meet ANSI C119.1 requirements.
  • A corrosion proof metal channel is used to close the sleeve during installation.
  • Install heat-shrinkable cable accessories with a “clean burning” torch– a propane fuel torch that does not deposit soot or contaminants on the product

Cable Sheath Repairing / Installation Instruction

Product selection: Depending on the cable diameter and the maximum length of damaged area, the required size of sleeve is selected from the manufacturer catalogue.


Cleaning the cable: Using an approved solvent, clean and degrease the damaged area and the cable on either side of the damage as shown. Remove any sharp points from the area to be covered with the sleeve.

Center sleeve; mark cable: Center sleeve over damaged area. Mark cable as shown. Remove the release paper from the sleeve.

Slide channel over the rails: Butt the rails together and slide the channel over the rails. Center sleeve between marks. Note: Channel must extend beyond the sleeve edge as shown.

Shrink sleeve: Preheat the metal channel area for approximately 15 seconds. Continue shrinking at the center (1), working torch with a smooth brushing motion around the sleeve. After the center portion shrinks, work torch as before toward one end (2), then to the opposite end (3) as shown in the figure.

When using the torch adjust regulator and torch as required to provide an overall 12- inch bushy flame. Use the yellow tip for shrinking

Post-heat Sleeve: Post-heat the entire length, concentrating on the metal channel area, until the sleeve conforms tightly to the cable, without wrinkles, and adhesive flows from each end. This completes the installation. Discard black cloth tape and sealant. Note: Allow to cool before moving or placing in service.



  • All cables after repair shall be tested for continuity and Insulation resistance as required.
  • Results of Inspection & testing shall be recorded on the Inspection requests & test reports.


  • Adequate safe access to the Installation area is provided.
  • Workmen shall wear all appropriate safety personnel protective equipment such as helmet, coverall clothing, safety shoes, goggles & gloves, wherever required.
  • When using gas torches, follow the safety precautions from the torch manufacturer or standard, safe work practices.
  • Torches and accessory equipment should be checked for leaks before using.


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