Method Statement or Method Of Statement Example

Method statement is a technical and legal document which once approved for an activity becomes mandatory for workmen to follow. In many industries and most commonly in construction industry a construction method statement or method of statement gives guidelines for the workers with all necessary references. The references given in any method statement related any external resource or standard is …

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Automatic Transfer Switch & Bypass Isolation Switch Method of Testing & Commissioning

Automatic transfer switch ATS Testing Procedure

The purpose of this method statement is to outline the sequence & method of Testing & Commissioning of Automatic transfer & Bypass isolation switch. This procedure is to be read in conjunction with relevant operators Manual and User’s guide. This procedure ensures the method used for testing and commissioning of Automatic transfer switch is correct and acceptable. After installing the switch check …

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Cartridge Filters UV Sterilization Unit and Chlorine Dosing System Installation

domestic water treatment

Before starting the site installation work domestic water treatment system, ensure all civil works are completed for the area of installation, and civil clearance is obtained from respective authorities to proceed further. Prior to start the installation, refer to the approved shop drawings and BOQ related to the area of installation and ensure that required materials are available at site …

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Car Parking Management System Testing Commissioning Procedure

Electric installation and maintenance work may be carried out only by appropriately qualified licensed electricians. Mains connections must be hard-wired. Please ensure full compliance with all applicable national and international rules and regulations concerning electric connections, as well as all applicable safety rules. System units may be used only for their intended purpose, as specified by the manufacturer. Unauthorized modifications …

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