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The word hazard is very difficult to define since it is mixed with other terms like danger and risk. Hazard can be a cause or source of potential loss/danger. Hazard can be a situation or an object that may cause harm to personnel or property if handled improperly. If a person is working on height there is hazard of fall that could lead to death or injury. If welding work is being done there is a fire hazard, there can be fire if proper measures are not taken. In short we can say that ” A Hazard Can Cause Damage or Harm“.

Following are few examples of different hazards and harms that can be caused:

1. Welding Process: Fire hazard, fumes, eye damage etc.

2. Lifting of Weight: Fall hazard, lifting gear failuare

3. Wet Weather/Floor: Slip/Fall

4. Electricity: Electrocution, electric shock, death, burn

5. Fire: Burn, collapse of structure

There are different type of hazards i.e. biological, chemical, ergonomics and physics etc.