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Method Statement For Testing & Commissioning Of Sump Pumps

Pre-commissioning checks prior to start-up of Sump Pump

 a) Mechanical


Check and inspect the installation of Sump Pump is complete; verify the installation as per approved drawings.

Verify compliance to the attached manufacturer’s installation instructions.

Obtain installation certification from manufacturer or their authorized representative.

Check and ensure adequate clearance available for service and maintenance of pumps and motors.

Check the installation is coordinated with other services.

Ensure the shipping bolts / chambers are removed.

Check all nuts, bolts, screws, fasteners etc., are fixed and tightened as required.

Check the alignment is completed as per manufacturer’s instructions (where applicable).

Check and ensure the safety guards are in place and secure.

Rotate the pump manually and ensure free and smooth rotation.

Ensure the pumps are cleaned prior to start-up and all identification labels and tags are in place.

b) Electrical

  • Check all power cabling and control wiring is completed and dressed neatly.
  • Check the power isolator is fixed close to the pump motor for emergency stop and power isolation.
  • Check all terminations are completed and tightened as required.
  • Check the grounding connections are completed and tightened as required.
  • Ensure the overload protections are set correctly as per the pump motor load current.
  • Ensure all identification tags and labeling works are complete.

sump-pump installation

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Start-up and Testing

  • Check the line voltage and phase rotation before energizing the power.
  • Switch ON the power and start the pump and check the rotation is in the correct direction.
  • Immediately on start-up, check for any abnormal noise and vibration. Rectify as / if required Consult manufacturer if required.
  • Observe for the correct operation of motor, pump and drive system.
  • Measure the current drawn (amperage) by the pump motor and record the same.
  • Record all pump and motor nameplate data in the commissioning format.
  • Ensure compliance to all manufacturers’s commissioning instructions, as applicable.

 d) Inspection

 Work Inspection Request shall be raised for Consultant’s inspection and sign off.