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Method Statement For Repairing Screed Surface

Following equipment shall be arranged:

  • Hand tools
  • Air Compressor
  • Wire brush
  • Slow speed drill with Fosroc MR4 mortar mixing paddle
  • Finishing Sponge & rubber gloves


  • Mark out the defective area, remove loose sand cement materials and all contamination from screed  such as dust, oil & grease if any up to the perimeter of the repair.
  • Chip with a chipped hammer the screed cracked surface/areas in order to create a rough surfaces.
  • Thoroughly soak with clean water and remove excess, leaving the substrate in saturated surface dry condition.


  • Only full bag mixing is permissible. Do not part mix, nor add further water to the mixed material in order to prolong workability.
  • Ensure Rendroc FC is thoroughly mixed and that the temperature of the mixed material should not be allowed to exceed 30C.
  • Always add the powder to the water. With the mixer in operation add the full 20 Kg bag of Rendroc FC or multiples thereof, and mix continuously for 5 minutes until fully homogenous using slow speed drill.


  • Apply mixed Rendroc FC to the substrate by trowel or gloved hand, thoroughly compacting onto the primed substrate, whilst the primer is still tacky. Ensure that mortar mixture is applied into ot on the patch location ,
  • Work it into the space forcefully with the trowel to force out any air bubbles
  • Smooth the Rendroc FC into the hole to alow it to dry & become stiff for an hour or so , depending on humidity & temperature.
  • Damp sponges or plastic floats may be used to achieve a desired surface texture , but care should again be taken not to overwork the surface.
  • Curing is not generally required.



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