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Method Statement for Installation of Sump Pump

Pump shall be stored on a flat surface in well ventilated storage area. Inlet and outlet flange blanks shall not be removed until ready for connection to pipe work.

Manufacturer’s instructions shall be strictly followed as applicable. If the pumps are stored for longer periods the shaft shall be periodically rotated and lubricated, if required.

The stored sump pumps are to be inspected periodically for obvious conditions such as standing water, parts theft, excess dirt buildup or any other abnormal condition.

Storekeeper will be responsible for proper storage and maintenance of records, as required.

Preparation Before Installation of Sump Pump

The sump pit designed to meet municipality requirements shall be provided by civil contractor. Examine the sump pits for suitability as per approved drawings/requirements. Check and ensure that the shop drawings used are latest and approved for construction. Installer will coordinate the locations and requirements as per approved shop drawings.

Check the piping support locations, cable entry floats are coordinated with pump and piping layout and ensure they are not obstructing the space around pump. Ensure easy access and sufficient clearance for servicing and maintenance i.e. for replacement of pump. Ensure verticality of guide rails for easy removal of pump for maintenance.

Installation Method Statementsump pump installation method statement

Provide proper ventilation before getting into the sump pit. Mark the location of the pump guide rail, piping works in line with the shop drawings / requirement. Drill the suitable size holes where applicable.

Shift the pumps and other associated accessories to the place of installations in safe manner use hand trolley / fork lift /crane as applicable / required as per site conditions.

Check and ensure free rotation of shaft. Position the pump base on the area, which are already marked and drilled. After proper alignment fix the duct foot bend properly. Fix guide rail and lifting chain properly.

Complete the piping and valve package installation as per approved drawings. Install the electrical control panel and power connections as per approved drawings. Provide grounding wiring as per approved shop drawing / manufacture recommendation. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions while installing the pump.

After completion of the installation, same shall be checked and certified by the manufacturer / authorized local representative.  After completion and sump pump installation and piping connections, the same shall be checked and certified by the pump manufacturer/authorized local representative. Request for inspection shall be raised for consultant’s inspection.