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Below is step wise procedure to install exhaust fans on a project.

Materials required

  • PVC Conduits, sizes as per approved drawings
  • Bends
  • Female adapters
  • Couplers
  • Expansion couplings
  • Circular junction boxes
  • Loop in boxes
  • Adaptable boxes
  • PVC jointing cement

Plant and equipment required

  • General tool box
  • Spirit level, water level
  • Measurement tape
  • Hack saw blade, files, trimmers etc
  • Marking tools
  • Ladder
  • Mobile scaffolds
  • Lifting Equipment

General Requirements:

  • All material received on site will be inspected, handled and stored upon receipt in accordance with the project procedures
  • All inspection/construction/testing will be carried out in compliance with the sub contractor, main contractor and client safety manual
  • All received material will be checked for conformance and approval will be given by the store keeper or site engineer before offering inspection
  • Inspection and testing shall be conducted by the site QC inspector and be coordinated with the main contractor and Consultant
  • Verification, inspection checklists and tests will be verified, recorded on approved forms and signed by site QC inspector and Consultant
  • All test equipment will have valid calibration certificate

HSE / Safety Control Measures              

  • Working at height requires edge protection (at the correct height) and in most cases harnesses with the correct length for the height of work and attached correctly.
  • Slab openings are to be well protected.
  • Prevention of falling materials from height, this would involve toe boards on scaffolding etc.
  • All workers to wear appropriate PPE for the task, i.e. goggles, mask, gloves etc. The foreman should provide all the necessary PPE and implement the wearing of it.
  • Electrical power tools will be approved, double insulated or grounded to avoid electrical shock.
  • Fire extinguishers are to be placed within reaching distance any works that is within risk of a fire.
  • Plant and equipment will have third party inspection certificates and be inspected prior to use.
  • All personnel entering the site will wear the appropriate PPE.

Emergency Arrangements

  • The Health & Safety officer will be responsible for coordinating the emergency procedure. If there is an emergency the Health & Safety officer will be notified immediately.
  • The Health & Safety officer will then notify the relevant emergency services if required
  • The Health & Safety officer will notify the Safety Advisor of the emergency, if the site nurse is required he will be notified, the Safety Advisor will attend the emergency and take control of the emergency.
  • The required notification, investigation and reporting of the incident will be conducted in accordance with the site HSE Plan.

Receiving material

  • On arrival at site all fans shall be checked for quantities, type, model no, physical damage etc and the supplier will be notified of any discrepancies.
  • Upon satisfactory inspection, the fans shall be stored properly with protective covering.
  • Any items found damaged or not suitable as per the project requirements shall be quarantined.  Non compliant material shall be clearly marked and stored separately to prevent any inadvertent use until returned to the vendor.

Preparation for exhaust fan installation

  • Check and ensure that the shop drawings used are the latest and approved for construction.
  • Check the fans wall opening and ensure it is as per approved drawings.
  • Check the area around the wall opening and ensure access to the fans from all sides as applicable.
  • Mark the fans fixing holes position on the wooden frame of wall open.

installation of Industrial-Exhaust-Fans

Installation of Exhaust Fans

  • Shift the fans to the place of installation in a safe manner using hand trolley, fork lift as applicable. Sufficient manpower will be engaged as required for safe shifting and installation.
  • Ensure that the correct fan is shifted to the place of installation.
  • Ensure air inlet and outlet connections orientation is per approved drawing.
  • The fans will be properly leveled and parallel to room walls/other installation.
  • Fans shall be inspected again for any damage during hoisting/shifting and installation.
  • Clean the interior of the fans.
  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions while installing the fans.
  • Fans shall be inspected again for any damage during hoisting/shifting and installation.
  • Clean the interior of the fans.
  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions while installing the fans.

Electrical Connections

  • Electrical power connections shall be done as per approved drawings.
  • Cables shall be installed and terminated as per approved method statement.


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