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Installation Method Statement For Pre Cast Water Tank

Roles and Responsibilities:

Project Manager   will oversee the whole project ensuring that people have the necessary   information to perform their Job Roles.

Construction Manager will ensure that the relevant department is aware of and understands the requirements of this Method Statement.  He will ensure all relevant safety precautions in the delivery of the job are adhered to and will implement company safety standards and compliance.

Site Engineer will ensure all the works are being carried out as per the latest approved drawings and specifications and co-ordinate with QA/QC Department for Inspection and Approval and will ensure all relevant safety precautions in the execution of the job are adhered to at all times and implement company safety standards and compliance.

QA/QC – the Quality Department will be part of all quality inspections testing and control regarding installations of precast water tank.  Only approved sign offs from this department can allow activities to proceed.

Foreman will ensure that his crew understands this method statement and works are to be executed safely, within the time schedule and specified finishes.  All foremen will provide the crew with appropriate PPE for the works and make sure it is implemented.

Installation Team will execute the works safely, within time schedule and under the direct supervision of the Charge Hands and Foreman and they are also responsible for keeping the work area clean and tidy.

Health & Safety is to monitor and implement all Health, Safety and Environmental precautions and aspects of the works on site.  All precautions that are put in place will be made apparent to all persons relating to this activity and situation.

HSE / Safety Control Measures Before Installation of pre-cast water tanks:                   

  • Necessary information and training will be given to all workers and a demonstration regarding the methodology and risk involved in the works. Continuous training will be given to all workers by site engineers/supervisors/foremen.
  • The excavation requires barricading.
  • Signal man has to be appointed to watch the people working in the excavation.
  • All workers to wear appropriate PPE for the task, i.e. goggles, mask, gloves etc. The foreman should provide all the necessary PPE and implement the wearing of it.
  • Plant and equipment will have third party inspection certificates and be inspected prior to use.
  • Appropriate PPE to be used i.e.
    • Safety helmet
    • Safety shoes
    • Goggles
    • Gloves
    • Mask

Plant and equipment required for installation of precast water tanks.

  • Lifting equipment
  • Level gauge
  • Ladders
  • Hand tools.
  • Boom loader.
  • Extractor fans & oscillating fans.

pre cast water tank method of statement

Preparation for Installation of Pre-Cast Water Tank

  • All precast water tank to be checked by QA/QC to ensure no damage.
  • All precast water tank shall be carefully off-loaded at site using the necessary manpower, appropriate equipment to be used as to ensure that no damage is caused to the materials.
  • All materials shall be stored in a clean, dry place and adequate cover shall be provided to avoid damages.
  • Ensure that precast water tank received are inspected and found acceptable as per approved material submittal and are available to carry out the work.
  • Prior to commencement of work, areas and access will be inspected to confirm that the site is safe and ready to commence the work.
  • All relevant documentation (drawings, material submittal & method statement) and materials applicable to particular areas of works will be checked by site supervisor prior to commencement of work.
  • The Site Engineer will give necessary instructions to tradesmen and provide necessary approved construction/shop drawings of latest revision.
  • The Site Foreman will also check that correct tools and equipment are available to carry out the works.
  • The Site Foreman and Safety Advisor will explain to the tradesmen regarding safety precautions to be observed.

Installation Method Statement For Pre Cast Water Tank

  • Barricade the area of installation and excavate for required depth, width and length.
  • Attach a permit to dig
  • Compact the sand to the exact bottom level of concrete blinding.
  • Compaction test report to be provided prior to commence concrete blinding.
  • Cast the concrete blinding as per approved shop drawing.
  • Allow the curing time for concrete blinding.
  • Attach a lifting plan for lifting details.
  • Prior to commencement of installation work for the precast water tank co-ordination will be done with other services. It will be ensured that adequate access is available.
  • Use all factory provided lifting lugs to rig the precast water tank.
  • Precast water tank will be installed at locations as per approved shop drawing.
  • Clean the interiors of precast water tank and surrounding areas and remove all excess materials.