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Construction Method Statement Example

If you are looking for a professional construction method statement example then this page is helpful for you. We help you to understand the structure and requirements of a typical construction method statement. The information given is useful for engineers and other construction professionals in their work. This leads obviously to prepare a good and safe work method statement i.e. swms.

For any construction activity now this is mandatory to prepare a standard method statement. This helps workers and engineers to understand before start of the work the exact requirements. First thing that workers come to know is the scope of work the method statement is covering and area of work as well. Next they are becoming familiar with the health and safety HSE requirements so that their work is safe and sound.

Similarly before start of work method statements ensure that all personnel of a project are aware of their responsibility. This will make sure that there is no confusion of who will do what.

Once responsibilities are known to all involved personnel related to a construction method statement now comes the stage of arranging the resources. Workers will need some tools to do the construction work and some instruments for measurement. Obviously this information also is part of a good method statement. If work is at level of big project there may be requirement to add the plant and equipment name etc.

Construction Method Statement Example for Beginners

Below we have listed the major parts of a standard method statement which can be different in different cases and you can exclude the section which are not applicable for your kind of activity. In addition we have given a link at the end of this article to download construction method statement example. This editable document will help you develop your own method statement. In order to make short and precise method statement we suggest to use below list and your document will be ready to fulfill the purpose.

  • Scope of work
  • Materials & tools required
  • Responsibilities
  • Sequence of work
  • Inspection & Testing requirements i.e. ITP & Checklist
  • HSE Risk Assessment

Construction Method Statement Example for Large Projects

Although above information is sufficient in order to develop and good method statement. But there are some clients who need detailed method statement mentioning lot of things. In that case you can use our sample method statement given below or follow below table of content. This is a good example for experienced engineers to use and then detail each section as appropriate.

  • LIGHTING: Safety Lighting, Task Lighting
  • PLANT & EQUIPMENT: i. General, ii. Plant & Equipment Schedule, iii. Personal Protective Equipment, iv. Power, v. Working Platforms
  • RISKS & CONTROLS: i. Hazards / Risks, ii. Control Measures / Permits, iii. 3rd party Protection
  • EMERGENCY ARRANGEMENTS: i. General, ii. Fire Precautions, iii. Communication
  • ATTACHMENTS: ITP, Checklist, Program, Technical Catalogue, IOM, Risk Assessment, Work Permit, MSDS

Benefits of Construction Method Statement Example

Above list is comprehensive and best for use in the stringent environment on large projects. This kind of document with full details becomes helpful for all contractors and subcontractors working in risky atmosphere. This reduces errors in work and ensures the health and safety of workers. Therefore we can say that a good construction method statement example can help improve the profit of the working company by saving loss of time and material.

In order to get maximum benefit from construction method statement we recommend to add charts, tables and images inside the document. This will help the workmen to understand what is required, how to select the materials and how he will do it.

Download Construction Method Statements

You can download full set of safe work method statements for construction works from our website. You can download free construction method statement example template and if you decide to browse our full repository of method statements you can visit download center from top of the page or by clicking this method statement link.