Commissioning Procedure for Start Up

  •  Ensure that breaker is in open position.
  • Release the emergency push button.
  • Start engine by pressing the START key on the control panel.
  • Fill up the Commissioning sheet’ supplied with operation and maintenance manual.
  • On starting generator for first time quickly observe oil pressure, alternator voltage, Hz and Amps for abnormality and immediately stop generator.
  • Check operation of emergency stop button(s).
  • Re-start generator set by clearing Emergency stop fault and using START key on      the control panel.
  • Check RPM reading on the screen with the value on the rating plate.
  • Check the phase sequence and ensure correct phase sequence.
  • Close the circuit breaker.
  • Ensure all protection devises are installed, are of the correct type / setting and are operating satisfactorily.
  • Check operation of all shutdowns and alarms
  • Press the OFF key on the control panel.
  • Verify that the generator set shuts down correctly.
  • Open the circuit breaker.
  • To ensure auto start of genset, link the control terminals for auto start in the control panel.
  • Press the AUTO key on the control panel.
  • After a while switch off the genset


Health & Safety Requirements for Genset Commissioning

  • All protective equipment and clothing must be worn as per site conditions.
  • Safety regulations are to be observed at all times, with only test staff permitted to conduct testing.
  • All incidents likely to lead to injury, or which have resulted in injury are to be reported in accordance with company health & safety regulations.
  • Overalls, safety boots, eye & ear protection and gloves must be worn when necessary.
  • Only experienced and trained commissioning staff familiar with this product should carry out any of the procedures within.
  • If any problems occur, please consult with manual or contact supervisor for advice.
  • When the panel is ready for commissioning, check the specification to ensure that the panel matches generator order number.
  • Isolate the panel before any repair work or testing is to be carried out within the panel.
  • Always know where the emergency stops are on the generator set package before commencing commissioning, ensure that they are accessible and are operational.
  • Ensure all warning notices are on display.
  • Ensure all necessary fire prevention equipment is accessible.
  • Ensure all Health & Safety regulations are observed.