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Method Statement For Formwork


1. PURPOSE: The purpose of this document is to lay down the systematic procedures for the various activities required for FORM WORKS  to ensure that all works are carried out in accordance with the approved shop drawings and contract specification.

2. SCOPE: This method statement is a general outline for fabrication and use of formwork for the project.


  • Contract specification for formwork
  • BS 4449, Carbon steel bars for the concrete
  • BS Scheduling, dimensioning, bending and cutting of steel reinforcement for concrete.
  • Material Approval
  • Approved Shop Drawings
  • Project quality Plan PQP
  • Project HSE Plan HSEP





PM:                              Project Manager

CM:                               Construction Manager

PE:                               Project Engineer

QCE:                           Quality Control Engineer

SE:                               Site Engineer

QA QC:                       Quality Assurance and quality Control

PPE:                            Personal Protective Equipment

HSE:                            Health, Safety and Environment


  • Project Manager is responsible for overall project execution, quality and safety. Adopt a leading role with respect to Contractor’s quality and safety procedures. The PM is responsible for the overall implementation of this method statement. The Project Manager shall ensure that the key personnel are well aware of the specifications and method statement.
  • CM / Project Engineer shall arrange all materials, equipment, safety related items & manpower & direct the Site Engineers & Foremen to resort appropriate action for the smooth execution of the works.
  • Safety Engineer shall be responsible for safe working environment & conditions. Coordinate with Site Engineer to identify potential hazards before works and advise methods of safe working from new developments.
  • Surveyor shall be responsible for setting out for levels, layout, and lines & establish top levels. Ensuring setting out books are properly maintained and filed when completed. To coordinate with the CONSULTANT surveyor in determining coordinates, levels, and limits.
  • QA/QC Engineer shall be responsible for ensuring that execution of works are complying with approved method statement; specifications, approved shop drawings and ensure ITR are submitted based on ITP requirements.
  • Site Engineer shall ensure that all works are carried out according to approved shop drawings. He shall direct the surveyor for the setting out lines & levels in concurrence from the Construction Manager/Senior Civil Engineer.
  • MEP Coordinator / Engineer shall be responsible for proper execution of MEP works involved before, during and after the works.



Approved Material submittal


  • SAW machine
  • Crane
  • GeneratorConcrete-Formwork Installation Method Statement
  • Air compressor
  • Hand tools, hand saw, wire cutter, brush,
  • Line dory / String
  • Measuring tapes
  • Tamper
  • Spanners
  • Torch

The capacity / size of the above tools and equipment shall be judged in accordance with site conditions, requirements, and availability at the time of execution


Safety of the personnel and properties is to be given prime importance and all the works to be carried out without causing any accidents or property damages. Formworks involve the following activities:

  •  Storage
  • Transportation of FORMS.
  • Fabricating and fixing.
  • Lifting of formworks at site
  • Removing of Formworks

Adequate access and egress should be provided to the site for work. All the personnel should wear basic personnel protective equipments. All the equipments, tools and tackles being used for the work should be in good working condition and maintained. All the personnel will be provided with toolbox talk on the procedures to execute the work safely.

Necessary risk assessment of the activities is reflected in the enclosed risk assessment.


  •  All material delivered to site shall be visually inspected for straightness, finish and defects prior to use.
  •  Setting out shall be done by the surveyor prior to proceeding with formworks.
  •  Each type of form work for the raft, column, beam and slab shall be erected as per approved shop drawings.
  •  Prior to use formwork and supporting timber shall be checked for damage, surface condition and warping.
  •  Material shall be protected as necessary from the elements during transportation and storage.
  •  Design calculation for slab system shall be performed and submitted to consultant for approval.
  • Certified and well trained manpower shall be deployed for all types of formwork erection.
  •  Inspection shall be done by the supplier / third party prior to proceeding.
  •  Care shall be taken to ensure that any formwork system is installed and supported correctly when applied on site conditions may vary. Visual inspection shall be carried out by the construction manager use for each element to ensure support provided is adequate for actual site condition. Every leg of scaffolding should be checked for tightness, rigidity and proper bracing both ways.
  • Ensure that erected formwork is watertight to avoid any slurry leakage.
  • Ensure that sleeves and openings for all the MEP services are provided as per approved shop drawings.
  • Form work shall be checked for the alignment, verticality and leveling prior to proceeding with concrete pouring.
  • Inspection shall be raised for the CONSULTANT inspection and approvals before proceeding to concrete pouring.
  • Striking of form work shall be in accordance with the specification section of cast in place concrete.



  • ITP
  • Checklist
  • Risk Assessment