Method Statement for Building Construction Project

Method statement for construction project is a mandatory requirement even sometimes at the pre-qualification stage of a construction contractor. Any reputable building construction company will follow best construction methods in order to provide best quality of work. 

Many old companies are always maintaining a good documentation system hence ensuring that the method statement for construction project are utilized for optimum results. The method statement archive once developed is useful for any future projects as well. So we can say that preparation of good method statement for construction work is not a repetitive work. Instead once developed can be utilized for any other same activity or project.

Therefore if you are having already complete set of method statement we recommend to utilize the same by just changing project name and logo etc. Yes you may need to make some edits in project specification/drawings references and may need to add some content from technical submittals, standards or specs etc. Other things can be constant as it is.

This website provides you option for understanding the requirements for any construction project that may include civil construction works including block works, plastering, tiling and water proofing etc. Or the other major discipline on any building project i.e. electromechanical yes we also provide full set of MEP method statements.

We are providing options for our visitors to read free of cost all method statements. Then we have free method statement template which visitors can download. Third option is to download method statement for construction project which further involves downloading individual method statement or to download complete packages i.e. civil, mechanical, electrical and firefighting etc.

In addition to method statements we are providing management procedures and plans which are as equally important as method statement. These are available for download in package as well as individual item.

Option 1: Explore & Read Free Method Statement

We have published around 300 free method statements which you can search and browse from our website. These are pages which are copyright protected and right click or copying is disabled. Therefore you have option of just reading them for your understanding of the method statement. Below are direct links to open for different categories. After clicking below link you shall go to another page that gives list of 8 to 10 relevant construction method statement. If willing to open anyone you can click or to find more in same category just check next page number from end of the list. You can also search by any word or phrase from search box given on top right side of the page.

Click here to access Civil Construction Method Statement for Free (64 Numbers)

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Option 2 Download Construction Method Statement

If you need complete method of statement for construction activities then you can go for this option. Our method statement is in word format and editable. You need to add your company logo and project name and some references like specifications, drawings and submittals. Each method statement is also having separate editable files for ITP, checklist and risk assessment.

So you don’t need to prepare anything new even risk assessment, just update review and submit for consultants or client approval.

You can check our method statement sample free of cost before making any purchase.

For method statement download you have option of downloading one by one or downloading in package like civil, electrical mechanical etc. If you need one by one it may take time but if you go for packages this will be cheaper and saving the time. Below we have given the separate links.

Download Civil Method Statement – One Package (38 Method Statements) – Click Here

as mentioned below:

Below is the list of method statements that shall be instantly available through download link, after the order is completed. If you want to download individual method statement you can visit our civil method statement category.

  1. Anti Termite Treatment
  2. Formwork Method Statement
  3. Plastering Works
  4. Installation Of Rebar Starter Bars
  5. Installation Of Reinforcing Bars
  6. Application Of Acrylic Rubber Filled Coating
  7. Base & Wall Mounted Cabinets Installation
  8. Black Bitumen Paint
  9. Blinding Concrete Work
  10. Concrete Works Superstructures
  11. Concrete Works- Substructure (Cast In-Situ)
  12. Coring & Cutting Of RCC Walls
  13. Excavation & Back Filling
  14. Fabrication & Installation Of Tensile Fabric Shades
  15. Fabrication & Installation Of Timber Wooden Doors
  16. Installation Of Aluminium Cladding Works
  17. Installation Of Aluminium Hand Rails
  18. Installation Of Aluminium Sliding Doors
  19. Installation Of Canopies
  20. Installation Of Carpets On Walls
  21. Installation Of Curtain Wall & Glazing
  22. Installation Of Suspended False Ceiling System
  23. Installation Of Louvers
  24. Installation Of Marble And Granite On Floor, Stairs, Walls And Counters
  25. Installation Of Underground Chemical Waste Tank
  26. Installation Of Wire Screen
  27. Internal Painting Works
  28. Masonry Block Work
  29. RCC Columns & Walls
  30. Screeding Works
  31. Wall Panels Installation
  32. Water Proofing Substructure
  33. Water Proofing Wet Areas
  34. Wooden Floor Finishes
  35. Irrigation System Piping & Equipment Installation
  36. Erection And Maintenance Of Tower Crane
  37. Installation Of Tiles
  38. Painting External

Download Electrical Method Statement – One Package (30 Method Statements) – Click Here

Below is the list of method statements that shall be instantly available through download link, after the order is completed. If you want to download individual electrical method statement you can visit our electrical method statement category.

  1. Earthing & Bonding System Installation
  2. Earthing & Lightning Protection System Testing
  3. Installation Of Diesel Generator Set
  4. Testing & Commissioning Of Diesel Generator Set
  5. Installation of Enclosed switches Isolators
  6. Installation Of Transformers
  7. Transformer Testing and Commissioning
  8. Bus Duct and Bus Bar Trunking Installation
  9. Bus Duct Testing & Commissioning
  10. Central Battery System CBS Installation Method Statement
  11. Central Battery System CBS Testing & Commissioning
  12. Installation Of Flush Floor Trunking System
  13. Light Fittings Luminaries Exterior & Interior
  14. Installation of MDB, SMDB, DB, MCC & Capacitor Bank
  15. Testing and Commissioning of MDB, SMDB, DB, MCC & Capacitor Bank
  16. Installation of PVC & GI Conduits & Accessories
  17. Installation Of Underground Duct Banks & Sleeves
  18. Installation Of UPS & Accessories
  19. UPS System Testing and Commissioning
  20. Installation Of Lighting Control System
  21. Lighting Control System Testing and Commissioning
  22. Lightning Protection System Installation
  23. Medium Voltage MV Switchgear Installation
  24. Medium & Low Voltage Switchgear Testing And Commissioning
  25. Medium Voltage MV Power Cables & Accessories Installation
  26. Testing & Commissioning Of MV Power Cables
  27. Wiring Accessories Installation
  28. Installation Of Cable Raceways Trays Ladders & Trunking
  29. Installation Of LV Power Cables and Wires
  30. Testing of LV Power Cables and Wires