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Method Statement for Application Of Bitumen Paint

Below is the systematic procedures for the various activities required for application of Bitumen Paint to ensure that all works are carried out in accordance with manufacturer’s recommendations.

Arrange approved construction drawings and project specifications before start of the work.


Surface Preparation Procedure:

Surface shall be clean, dry and free from loose particles before application of membrane water proofing. Dust, loose materials and protrusion s must be removed and cracks holes made good.

Metal substrates to be grit blasted to produce a surface exhibiting SA2/12 finish as recommended.

For better performance surface may be dampened but not wet, particularly in hot and dry weather.


  • Porous surfaces should be primed with a diluted mixture of 1 part SpECtite Cleaning Fluid to 8 parts SpEC Black Bitumen Paint.


  • The drums must be well stirred before use. Where a single drum is used for prolonged periods, occasional stirring during application is recommended.
  • Apply SpEC Black Bitumen Paint by using brush roller or spray equipment.
  • Apply evenly in one direction.
  • Application should be done in two coats to avoid any possible holidays in the film.
  • Each coat must be allowed to dry before applying the next one.


  • Metal and smooth surfaces: 10m2 / litre per coat
  • Concrete and Porous Surfaces: 5-6 m2 / litre per coat