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How To Make Crimping Joints For Single Core Wires

1. Purpose

This document describes the procedure of jointing of wires in the project, and to ensure that all concerned persons are familiar with the sequence of activities, utilization of resources, and execution of the works in compliance with applicable Safety and Quality Procedures, and Project Documents and Specification.


2Scope of Works

This document covers the following scope of works:

This method statement is intended to outline the activities and the methods used for jointing of wires. All activities will be carried out in accordance with the contract details and in full compliance to the Contract Specifications and Documents. All work within the rights-of-way of the local municipal governments will be done in compliance with requirements issued by those agencies.

3. Legislation and Code of Practice

All related codes and standards referenced in the Contract Specifications

4. References:

Manufacturer Catalogues

crimping of wires joints

5. Definitions

 6. Equipment / Tools

  1. Tool Box.
  2. Crimping Tool
  3. Heat Gun
  4. Wire Cutter / Crippler
  5. Measuring Tape.
  6. Step Ladders
  7. Knife / Cutter
  8. Hand Gloves

Safety of Equipment’s

Necessary measures will be taken for the safety of the equipment and any other works affected by the works subject of this document. Relevant entities which might require protection include any such works in the vicinity of the area of work or on the service access or discharge path. The construction team will ensure that any such requirements are documented.

7. Health, Safety & the Environment


  • Select Tin Coated Copper Ferrule as per the cable size.
  • Clean the wire and splicing as per the size of the ferrule.
  • Insert the copper leads inside the ferrule and make sure no lead is outside the ferrule and cut length of copper lead is exactly matching with ferrule length.
  • Crimp the ferrule by adjusting the correct size in the crimping tool.
  • Crimp firmly and make sure that the joint is mechanically strong by pulling.
  • Cut the heat shrink sleeves according to the length of ferrule with 4cm overlap and pull it on the cable.
  • Now crimp other part of the joint as mentioned above.
  • Now pull the approved heat shrink sleeve over the ferrule with 2cm overlap on both sides.
  • Apply heat using a heat gun at recommended temperature i.e. 45oC to 125oC until it shrinks properly with ferrule & wires.

9. Attachments

Data Sheets


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