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UV Sterilization System Testing and Commissioning Method Statement

Pre-Commissioning Phase and Start-Up Phase

System Pre-Commissioning Checks for Filter


Before commissioning the system the following shall be ensured.

  1. The system has been checked against the approved installation drawings.
  2. Check that the upstream pressure at the filter inlet is more than 2.5 bar (38psi) during the rinse cycle.
  3. Check that the filter is mounted in the correct flow direction.
  4. Check that all the control tubes are connected properly and that all connections are tight.
  5. Check that the three-way mini-valve is turned to the automatic position. The arrow on the knob should point to AUTO, and the sticker ο on the filter.
  6. Check if the pipe installed is as per approved drawing or the nominal diameter should be 3” (75mm).
  7. If the recommended upstream and downstream isolation valves have been installed, check that they are shut.

System Pre-Commissioning Checks for UV Sterilizer

Check the radiation chamber for leaks and venting according to the following procedure:

a) Release (open) vent screw on radiation chamber

b) Slowly open shut-off valve upstream of radiation chamber

c) Fill radiation chamber until water emerges at the vent screw

d) Close vent screw, use only slight force

e) Check radiation chamber for leaks

f) Open shut-off valve downstream of radiation chamber (necessary only for manual shut-off valve)

Commissioning Phase

Commissioning of the Filter System, the following steps has to be performed:

  1. Slowly open the isolating valve at the filter inlet. Water will flow into the filter.
  2. Check for leaks and repair if necessary.
  3. Check that the minimum inlet pressure remains 2.5bars (38psi) or higher.
  4. Slowly open the isolating valve at the outlet of the filter.
  5. If there is a by-pass valve close it slowly.
  6. Ensure the flow through the filter does not exceed the filter’s published maximum flow rate.
  7. Start a manual flush by turning the three-way valve to the OPEN position for a few seconds, and then turn it back to AUTO.
  8. During the self-cleaning cycle, check the pressure at the filter inlet and in the rotor chamber

Note: The minimum pressure in the rotor chamber should be 1.5bar (22psi) lower than the inlet pressure.

Commissioning of the UV filtration System, the following steps has to be performed:

  1. Switch on master switch or connect power plug
  2. Check parameters in programming mode of the control system and change if necessary see Operating Status Settings.
  3. Switch on UV disinfection system with START/STOP key; press the START/STOP key and hold for at least 2 seconds.
  4. If the control assumes the PAUSE state, operate the pause contact. After being ignited, it can take several minutes for the UV lamps to reach their full UV output.


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