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Method Statement for Assembling Erection Installation & Management of Mast Climber

The Scope of this method statement covers all operations and associated activities involved in safe and efficient management of Mast Climber including assembling, erection, and installation for efficient and effective utilization in execution of project works.

Following equipment shall be arranged:

  • Tower crane
  • Flat bed Lorries
  • Safety harnesses, Helmet
  • Chain blocks, power tools as required
  • Fire fighting and safety equipments i.e. Fire Extinguisher etc.
  • Bolts and pins
  • Anchor bolts

The Scanlnter SCANCLIMBER SC5000 can be used either as a single or twin mast climbing platform. It is designed to position men with their tools and other necessary equipment and material for the working in great heights.

SCANCLIMBER SC5000 can be used during all kinds of works: assembly, finishing, cladding and painting of buildings, facade work and industrial objects. It can be installed indoors as well as outdoors.

The unit is operated up and down with push-buttons on remote control box. On the box there is also an emergency stop push-button.

SCANCLIMBER SC5000 consists of chassis, mast and platform modules which are connected to the lifting case.

All erection/assembly and disassembly and other operations will be carried out as per instructions manual under Supervision of qualified Erection Supervisor.


SC5000 mast climbing work platform has been designed with intention of its easy and quick assembly.

Partial assembly, that should be checked before taking the Scanclimber into use:

  • The assembly of the chassis
  • The screwing of the first mast section
  • The assembly of the lifting mechanism
  • The assembly of the main platform
  • The assembly of the limit switch counter parts
  • The assembly of the limit switches

Mast sections, platform sections and wall anchors must be installed according to the instructions given in the manual.


The following preparatory works to be carried out:

  • Fence the site where you erect the platform with the information and warning signs according to the local work and safety rules, laws and regulations.
  • Prepare the base for the platform. The base must be flat and horizontally leveled. Disturbed ground should be rammed in order to prevent non-uniform settlement.
  • Always use wooden ground plates under the jacks.
  • Check drop-offs, holes, bumps, floor obstructions, debris and hazardous locations.
  • Check overhead obstructions and high voltage conductors.
  • Check wind and weather conditions.
  • Prevent the access of unauthorized persons to the working place and pay attention to the traffic.


  • Read carefully the anchoring instructions shown on the manual sketches.
  • Also carefully read through the loading tables. The anchoring force indicates how much one anchoring has to hold.

ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONSMast Climber Installation Method statement


  • Partly assembled platform should be erected on well prepared base at a suitable distance of the wall. The suitable distance between the machine and the wall should be approx. 200 -300 mm.

A- Freestanding maximum lifting height / platform length: 13/16.9 m and maximum wind speed 12.7 m/s.

  • The outriggers on the mast side turned out, extended and locked with pins ( the mast side = the side of the Chassis, where the mast is erected).
  • Extend the outriggers on the wall side. Lock with pins.

B – Freestanding maximum lifting height / platform length: 18/16.9 m, maximum wind speed: 12.7 m/s.

  • All outriggers turned out, extended and locked with pins.
  • Lift the chassis by turning the jack screws equally so that the tyres do not touch the ground. The distance between the tyres and the ground is usually about 30 mm. Do not forget to use the wooden ground plates under jacks. Level the chassis and a mast on vertical position with the level indicator.
  • Screw the platform sections (the railing included) symmetrically to each other by using a special tool which has been designed for platforms assembly. Use only screws delivered by the manufacturer.
  • Assemble the first mast section.
  • Connect the supply cable (400 V 32 A 5-poles) to cable drum.
  • Check the transmission power phase connections.

The following should be done:

a) Switch on power with platform electric box main switch.

b) Switch on power with cable drum main switch.

c) Check, if the phase relay in the platform electric box is red.

  • Test the function of the mast section installation safety sensor. When lifting the platform and the inductive safety sensor runs over the last mast section top, the platform stops immediately.
  • Test the function of bottom limit switch. When lowering the platform it will stop on the bottom position.
  • Test the function of the horn sensor. W hen lowering the platform, the horn will be activated on its function area.
  • Test the function of the platform electric box signal push-button. The horn should function by pressing the push-button.
  • Assemble the third mast section and the second part of horn limit signaling bar. Assemble following two mast sections.
  • After the assembling of the first five mast sections the test of the safety brake should be carried out.
  • Carry out the further assembly of the mast. If not freestanding, pay attention to the anchoring instructions.
  • Fasten the counter part of the top limit switch to the second last mast section and assemble the mast top cap.
  • If the height of the mast is over 30 m, remember to tighten the screws once again.
  • Clean and grease the rack (see the lubrication instructions).
  • Assemble the mast guard net around the mast.
  • Platform can be taken into use first after technical inspection. This inspection should be carried out by an authorized inspector.
  • The mast sections can be assembled on each other by using the mast assembly crane.


Same procedure as Single mast assembly. For further details refer to the instruction’s manual,


Platform disassembly should be carried out in the reverse order to the assembly.

  • Prepare the site for the storage of the platform and the mast sections.
  • Dismount the mast guard nets.
  • Dismount the mast sections and detached wall anchors.
  • Before dismounting the last three mast sections remember to dismount the signaling bar.
  • On the bottom position remove the railings.
  • Remove the remote control.
  • All, the dismounted elements should be cleaned, protected and well prepared for transportation.