This method statement explains and covers the installation & inspection of cast resin Transformers.

General Requirements

  • Transformer shall be inspected and checked against the relevant general arrangement drawing, approved material submittals etc.
  • Transformer shall be checked for any signs of damage occurred probably during the transport. The transformer shall be stored in sheltered, clean and dry ambient temperature. If any damage is found shall be notified to suppliers or relevant parties.


  • The characteristics of the Transformer detailed on the rating plate shall be checked to those of the shipping documents and with those of the test report, which is attached to the transformer.
  • Each transformer shall be checked for the accessories, rating, name plate details, protection devices, indicators & terminal boxes.
  • Compliance of comments raised during factory inspection shall be checked if any.
  • The Presence of all identifying and warning levels shall be checked.
  • All material required at site shall be inspected, handled and store properly.
  • Any discrepancies, damage etc, shall be notified and reported for corrective action.
  • Material found not suitable as per approved material submittal shall be removed from site.
  • Proper storage shall be provided as per manufacturer recommendation.
  • An inspection request shall be raised for consultant approval upon receipt of the material at site.

transformer installation


Installation of Transformers

  • he area to be verified for the civil work has been completed and Transformers installation works can commence.
  • Check area is clean for the positioning of lifting crane and transformers.
  • Extra precaution to be taken before lifting transformer & manufacturers’ recommended special lifting eyes shall be used.
  • Transformer shall be lifted with maximum sling angle of 60 degree as per manufacturer’s recommendation.
  • If the transformer is complete with protection enclosure, roof shall be taken off to attach the slings.
  • Points of attachment shall be checked for cracked welds or loose nuts and bolts before lifting.
  • Guide ropes shall be used to prevent twisting or swinging of the transformer once it has been lifted clear of the ground.
  • Transformer shall not attempt to lift in high winds.
  • Transformer shall be placed down on the level surface capable of supporting its weight.
  • Transformer shall be placed on removable GI U channel at the place of its final installation.
  • For locating the transformer in the final location, suitable lever on the special points foreseen on the lower frames  shall be used to act only and not on the magnetic core and/ or on the winding.
  • Transformer shall not be moved pushing the coils and the connections.
  • Cable support, cabling and terminations shall be completed as per approved drawings and manufacturer’s recommendation.
  • Installation of transformer shall be offered for inspection.




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