Sequence of Installation for the Chiller Plant Manager CPM Field Devices

Sequence of Installation for the Chiller Plant Manager Field Devices


  • All site safety rules & regulations shall be complied with.
  • Supervisors will deliver tool box talks, relevant to these activities to all operatives involved in the installation and shall be recorded.
  • All operatives will be equipped with minimum personnel protective equipment; hard hat, coveralls, safety boots, safety glasses.
  • Ensure only qualified personnel shall install the Chiller Plant Manager Field devices.
  • During Installation display warning sign boards to be provided and barricade the area whenever necessary.
  • Only competent, experienced & trained personnel shall perform all the required activities stated in this method statement.
  • Ensure that all operatives fully understand the method of these activities.

Pre- Installation Procedure

  • Before commencement of installation activity, the supervisor must ensure that:
  • Delivered Chiller Plant manager field devices have been inspected & approved via MIR by the consultant prior to installation at site.
  • All Installations & Pressure Testing of Pipe works/ Ductworks (if applicable) have been completed & approved by the consultant.
  • Determine whether the field devices are to be installed at the right location as shown in the approved drawing
  • Permission to start or Civil Clearances prior to installation has been given by the main contractor.
  • All applicable relevant Shop drawings for the installation of the Chiller Plant Manager Field devices shall be available & approved by the consultant. No installation shall be done without Approved Shop Drawings.
  • Installation activities shall only commence when all associated works by the Civil has been completed.
  • Safe access shall be provided by the Main Contractor thru Work Permit in coordination with the Safety in charge at site.
  • Check for other services, making sure that there is no interference between each service & adequate access to work and for future maintenance can be maintained.

 Installation Procedure for Water Differential Pressure Sensor (WPD)

  • PVC tubing with ferrule nut connections or steel pipe with male threads will be used as a connection of WPD.
  • Ensure proper location of the units as per the approved shop drawings.
  • The transmitter mounts on a vertical surface with the pressure ports and cable entrance on the bottom using the two screw holes on the base of the unit.
  • Ensure there is enough space around the unit to make the pressure and electrical connections.
  • Avoid locations with severe vibrations or excessive moisture.
  • The enclosure has a standard ½” conduit opening and may be installed with either a conduit coupler or a cable gland type fitting.
  • The two pressure ports are labelled High and Low.
  • The output signal indicates a positive value when the pressure is higher on the High port than the Low port so ensure these ports are connected correctly.
  • Use appropriately rated pressure tubing and arranges it to minimize stress on the connections.
  • Do not allow material to fall into the pressure ports as contamination could damage the sensors.
  • Use 22 AWG shielded wiring for all connections and do not locate the device wires in the same conduit with wiring used to supply inductive loads such as motors.
  • Disconnect the power supply before making any connections to prevent electrical shock or equipment damage.
  • Make all connections in accordance with national and local electrical codes.
  • This device is a 3-wire sourcing type transmitter. Connect the positive DC voltage or the hot side of the AC voltage to the terminal marked PWR.
  • The power supply common is connected to the terminal marked COM.
  • The device is reverse voltage protected and will not operate if connected backwards.
  • The analogue output signal is available on the OUT terminal. This signal is jumper select-able for either voltage or 4-20 mA output.

CPM Field Devices

Installation Procedure of Differential Pressure Switch Across Pumps (AX-LDPS)

  • Ensure proper location of the units as per the approved shop drawings.
  • The AX-LDPS is for use in systems under pressure and should be installed in accordance with practices relevant to the intended use only by persons qualified to do so.
  • The AX-LDPS is suitable for use with mains voltage and power must be isolated before opening the cover.
  • The AX-LDPS should be mounted on a wall or other suitable surface using the bracket provided.
  • Pipework should then be installed to the unit and terminated at the high and low ports using the 1/4”BSP fittings.
  • Ensure that the pipework is suitable for the system pressure
  • Cable connection- 1.5sqmm cable should be connected to PIN1 (Normally Open)and PIN3 (Common).

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