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Method Statement For Starting Up and Running Hot Water Boilers

1. PURPOSE: This method statement covers the pre-testing and starting up of hot water boilers.

2. SCOPE OF WORKS: To ensure the correct measures are taken to allow a safe and successful start up of the oil fired boilers prior to distributing hot water throughout the hot water system.



Commissioning Manager

Mechanical Superintendent

Q.A./Q.C. Manager

Safety Manager


4.1  Ensure that the boiler has been installed in accordance with the manufacturers requirements and the specifications and installation is approved by client/consultant.

4.2  Ensure that the system has been hydrostatically tested and thoroughly flushed out, subsequently drained and inspected and refilled with treated water ready for boil-out.

4.3 Ensure the required and proper chemical are available for boil-out.

4.4 Check and ensure that the boiler room has proper ventilation to permit adequate combustion air flow to the burner with all boiler room doors closed.

4.5 Ensure all fuel burning equipment is fully operational and fuel line piping is complete.

Steam_Boiler Method Statement

4.6 Check and ensure fuel lines are clear and free from dirt and obstructions.

4.7 Ensure the fuel oil line has been primed and purged.

4.8 Check strainers are fitted at fuel control valves.

4.9 Check that fuel supply system regulators are ensuring constant supply condition.

4.10 Ensure circulating pumps and their regulating devices are connected and operable.

4.11 Check the fuel grade and quantity in the fuel oil tank.

4.12 Check all electrical connections are in place and secure.

4.13 Ensure all limit devices mounted externally to the equipment are installed, wired and in operable condition.

4.14 Check the correct voltage is available to the boiler.

4.15 Ensure the breaching is connected to the stack.

5. Method For Firing The Boiler

5.1 Initiate firing sequence and light the boiler.

5.2 Carry out instrument checks in accordance with manufacturers recommendations.

5.3 Arrange distribution of hot water through network.

6. Safety and Environmental Consideration

As specified by the manufacturer and applicable legal requirements.

7. Records

7.1 Test Sheets

7.2 Performance Records

7.3 Log Books


8.         Reference Documents