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Method Statement For Installation Of Central Battery System

The following procedure will be followed for installation of Central Battery system and can be customized as per the specific needs for different projects.

Equipment & Tools required

  • Tool Box
  • Pulling Spring
  • Screw drivers
  • Hack / Hole Saw
  • Wire cutters
  • Hammer
  • Crimping tools
  • Drilling Machine

Installation of Central Battery System

Download Complete Method Statement With Checklists

Method Of Installation For Central Battery System

  • Ensure that all civil clearance is obtained prior to starting the installation activities. Concrete bases should be prepared as per the approved specifications and drawings.
  • Install central battery system panel and components on concrete base and attach by bolting. Check that there are no physical damages for the panel/ Devices.
  • Place and secure anchorage devices. Use supported equipment manufacturer’s setting drawings, templates, diagrams, instructions, and directions furnished with items to be embedded.
  • Maintain minimum clearance and work space as equipment according to manufacturer’s written instructions, and as per the local authority having jurisdiction or as per electricity wiring installation regulations.
  • Interconnect system components. Make connections to supply and load a circuit according to manufacturer’s wiring diagrams, unless otherwise indicated.
  • Ground all the equipment according to specifications.
  • Identify equipment and components as required.
  • Check that all the devices are in the looping connection in the panel.
  • Check that all circuits identified/labelled and marked in the panel.
  • Check that Incoming power supply connected to the panel.
  • Check that All emergency lighting circuits Cabling completed