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Wall Panels Fabrication and Installation Method Statement

1.0 PURPOSE: The purpose of this procedure is to define how the Wall Panels Fabrication and Installation shall be carried out under the controlled condition.

2.0 SCOPE: This method statement covers the detailed procedure to be followed for Supply & Installation of wall panels as per approved shop drawings and schedule of finishes for the project. This procedure shall be read in conjunction with contract specification where applicable.



  • Project specifications
  • Contract drawings
  • Approved shop drawings
  • Material Submittal Approved
  • Project Quality Plan


  • Contractor:
  • PM: Project Manager
  • CM: Construction Manager
  • PE:  Project Engineer
  • QCE: Quality Control Engineer
  • SE: Site Engineer
  • SF: Site Foreman
  • QA QC:  Quality Assurance and quality Control
  • PPE: Personal Protective Equipment
  • HSE: Health, Safety and Environment


Project Manager is responsible for overall project execution, quality and safety. Adopt a leading role with respect to Contractor’s quality and safety procedures. The PM is responsible for the overall implementation of this method statement. The Project Manager shall ensure that the key personnel are well aware of the specifications and method statement.

  • CM / Project Engineer shall arrange all materials, equipment, safety related items & manpower & direct the Site Engineers & Foremen to resort appropriate action for the smooth execution of the works.
  • Safety Engineer shall be responsible for safe working environment & conditions. Coordinate with Site Engineer to identify potential hazards before works and advise methods of safe working from new developments.
  • Surveyor shall be responsible for setting out for levels, layout, and lines & establish top levels. Ensuring setting out books are properly maintained and filed when completed. To coordinate with the consultant surveyor in determining coordinates, levels, and limits.
  • QA/QC Engineer shall be responsible for ensuring that execution of works are complying with approved method statement; specifications, approved shop drawings.
  • Site Engineer shall ensure that all works are carried out according to approved shop drawings. He shall direct the surveyor for the setting out lines & levels in concurrence from the Construction Manager/Senior Civil Engineer.
  • MEP Coordinator / Engineer shall be responsible for proper execution of MEP works involved before, during and after the works.
  • Site Engineer shall ensure that all materials shall be delivered to site comply with approved samples and shall be assigned at temporary storage locations at Site according to its fixing location. The fixing location of each individual stone panel shall be defined by level no. related identification marking to ensure compliance to the approved shop drawing and traceability.
  • Site Foreman Ensure that all the materials are reached at the site as per the check list. SF responsible for the execution of the job under his control. SF shall be report to the Site Engineer every end of the day to submit the report of work progress at site. The Site foreman shall be carrying the drawing and Method of Statement to execute job. Site Foreman also responsible to finish the job within the time frame given by the Site Engineer. The Site foreman responsible and report to the Site Engineer for any inconvenience at site for execution of Job. Site Foreman responsible to inspect the materials is reached as per the check list.

Wall Panels Fabrication and Installation


As per approved material submittals.


Below is the equipment involved in at the Site works:

  • Wood Cutter Machine
  • Hilti
  • Clamp
  • Drilling Machine
  • Tighter
  • Screw Driver Set
  • Measuring Tape
  • Planer
  • Compressor
  • Silicon Gun
  • Chisel
  • Extension Cable  

The capacity / size of the above equipment shall be judged in accordance with site conditions, requirements, and availability at the time of execution.


  • Before operations, check all power connections
  • Wear gloves, eye, Mask for  protection
  • Do not operate machine when it is wet
  • Hold machine firmly, especially when starting.
  • Check drill bit against bending or loose fixation.
  • Before operation, check all power connections
  • Wear gloves and eye protection.
  • Do not operate grinder when it is wet
  • Keep protection cover.
  • Do not operate if switch is damaged
  • Hold machine firmly, especially when starting
  • Check cutting disc against breakage or loose fixation.


  • Housekeeping – Keep place of work clean and tidy.
  • Do not dump the tool here and there. Keep all the equipment in a designated area. Keep all the tools and Equipment in a wooden box after the completion of their duty. Put the tag on each tool box with the Name tag each carpenter.
  • Protect the floor with corrugated sheet in order to avoid the floor damage.
  • Wear the Hand glove for using Disc cutter or Wood Cutter Machine.
  • Provide the First Aid Box at the site.
  • Provide Drinking water can at site.
  • Provide good access.
  • Provide good lighting.
  • Provide protection
  • Ensure goggles, gloves and masks are worn when dipping marble in sealer.
  • Ensure safety boots are worn all times
  • Ensure safety helmets, goggles, gloves and belts are provided and used if required.
  • De-nail and stack timbers
  • Prohibit Horseplay on Scaffolds
  • Power Connections safe-Never tamper with electrics. Get an Electrician.
  • No power tools to be used without proper plug.
  • Never remove Safety Guard on machines. They are there for proper protection
  • Ensure Fire Extinguisher on site and make sure that site operatives are aware of its location.


9.1 Wall Panel:

Before Commencement of Manufacture in compliance with approved Shop Drawing, Cross check the Measurement at Site. If in case of any major variation at the site it must be report to the PE saying by document. If any variation it should be approved by the PE.

If any changes or rectification at the site it must be brought in to notice of Project Engineer and approval must be taken .After the cross check if any correction on the site Engineer must be report to the QCE for the production. The QCE handover the production department after his approval.

The production manager will cross check the drawing on his side for the each departmental head   f foreman. The foreman will prepare the cutting sizes according to the drawing for his subordinates. Mean while all the approved controlled samples should be hand over to QCE. The production manger will be inspecting him that production doing under the control of the sections foreman by the drawing delivered to site comply with approved samples.

Checks all the Materials are available in good quality and quantity that for execute the production.

Check for scratches, cracks, moisture. Avoid if such materials and return to the store.

Prepare MDF panel as per sizes required through the Circular Saw Machine for the carcass. Run through the base cutter machine.

Prepare the beach wood lipping all around by 10mm thick. The lipping joining to the MDF panel is clamp with industrial glue kept for dry at least two hours to strong enough joint.

Prepare the MDF bracket male and female to hang the panels at the wall.

Prepare temporary installation at the factory to make sure that panels are proper as per the sizes provided in the drawing.

Check any difficulties facing while on install the panel. If so bring up the solution to avoid any inconvenience at site.

Prepare for veneer pressing. Cut Out of the sheet by using veneer guillotine Machine. Once the share ready send for pressing to the hot pressing Machine by the temperature of Between 70-120°C.

Bring in to separate division for storage .All the veneer should be kept in isolated Air conditioned area.



Check the Material if the goods have been manufactured in compliance with Final Approved Shop Drawing. If not the material send back to the concerned section for the rectification. Send for Polishing After the approval of QAQC.

Clean veneer panel and remove the Glue of Joint.

Check for any cracks on veneer, Grains are in proper direction.

Make first sanding and apply the pate for the filling. Remove the over filled pate. The surface should be smooth plain.

The application of primer will take in to place as the first processing of painting. After the first coat primer on one side keep for dry about three to four hours.

After drying one side other side of the panel applied with primer and keep for dry again for three to four hours.

After dried on other side looks for any damage or cracks. Apply with N.C pate fill the gaps and cracks. Go for second sanding.

Again second processing of primer as above statement.

Check again and make sure there is no crack or gaps any more. If any apply the same pate and make even.

The final coat take in to place with the requirement of percentage of glossy or mate according to specified in the drawing.

Keep it for dry about three to four hours.


After the completion of painting the QA/QA will inspect the materials for the quality control before dispatch to the packaging. The QA/QC will enter in to check list signed and stamped for the packing. In case of any rectification on painting the materials send back to the painting section with comments provide by the QA/QC.

The Points to be  checked by QA/QC

Check with control sample and make sure the same specification and materials used for painting.

Checks the surfaces of the materials are smooth. No any kind of particle spread on the material. No rough on the surface.

Check all the joint if any. No joint should be visible.

Check for all corner and lipping edges for damage or crack.

Check for all materials are even in finishing. There should not be any differences in finishing.

Segregate panel according to site installation number.

Send for packing.


Heavy Duty Machine

Second Sealer  Sanding

Final Check up  Sanding

Pate blade

N.C pate


Top coat


All the Materials cleaned with pure soft cotton lining to remove all the dust if any.

Arrange the segregated materials by numbers provided in the check list.

Arrange the all hardware and fitting accessories for installation.

Make the protection each corner with thermo sheet in order to avoid any damage while on transport. All the Material packed individually to avoid any Damage. Pack with polyurethane sheet to avoid any Scratches. Pack with corrugated sheet with industrial heavy duty Masking Tape. Mark the top and Bottom. Check again is the packing is proper. Ready for loading.



The Materials will be delivered once the ready for installation. The site must be free from Dampness. Check the truck any particles are there that may damage the Material. Keep the protection all around the side thermo sheet. Stack the Material properly. Check the vehicle all Materials kept properly. Hand over the D.O and Inspection report to the delivery section.


Storage must be provided by main contractor. The separate storage should be provided for the joinery contractor. The storage must be clean, empty and free from dampness. Once the Material reach to the site the Site Foreman inspect the dispatch form that the material received according to Receipt. Stack material according to code number. Stack the material by order. Space should be provided for the carry out the materials for easy dispatch.

All the code number should visible to identify.

9.2 Pre-Installation:

Site Condition Checking And Setting Out

  • Site Engineer shall check site condition to ensure readiness for the installation at site fixing. Main contractor shall sign off clearance to each to proceed for the installation.
  • Check the site free from dampness, electrical work, fall ceiling, gypsum, Marble, Stone work and painting. Ensure that electrical power available at site.
  • Confirm and get and get approval for installation.
  • Segregate the frames and doors according to location for installation.
  • Check the drawing and method of statement.
  • Make sure that all the materials are available for installation.
  • Follow the Method of Statement.
  • Site Engineer and Foremen shall be carrying the approved drawing.
  • Check always the Installation are Proper
  • Checks all the Hardware are available at site to complete the installation.
  • Provide the Protection for the floor from damage and installation materials as well. Set the preparation for tool box any one of the corner place for the easy access and misplacement. Do not keep the any tools here and there for unnecessarily.
  • The Site Foreman is overall responsible for the implementation of Method Statement Procedure and ensures that Site Engineer, Foreman and His are aware of this Method Statement.
  • Procedure, all the resources – human, material and equipment are available to carry out the work as Planned and without any delay.
  • The Site Engineer is responsible to carry out the work as per the approved shop drawing and project specification Method Statement Procedure in co-ordination with the Main Contractor.
  • The Site Engineer is also responsible to ensure work has been done as per the specification and drawings, inspection are done as per Quality Control Procedure and the Inspect.
  • Site Foreman is responsible to carry out all works at site as per approved shop drawings and method statement procedure in coordination with Site Engineer.



Check the site & study the drawing.

  • Mark the wall by numbers as provided as on the panel.
  • Make straight line to make sure for straight and even.
  • Provide the hole on wall with hilti machine.
  • Provide the fishers for the hole in order to hold the screw tight and stiff.
  • Hang the male part of the MDF support to wall.
  • Hang the female part of the MDF support to the back of veneer panel.
  • Hang for temporary to see proportion of the panel.
  • Follow the same procedure for all the panels.
  • After completion installation all the panels check for alignment.
  • Check if there is any gap.
  • Check the alignment of ceiling and floor alignment is even.
  • Check the gaps or grooves are equal between the panels.
  • Make a marking for if any problem.
  • Remove all panels from wall.
  • Check the back panels for strong enough support.
  • Make additional screw if required.
  • Hang panels permanently.


Keep the site is cleaned after every duty hours. Do not dump any dust wastage at the working area. It should be cleaned adequately. Do not throw any wastage or unwanted Materials site itself. It should dispose to designed waste container. There should be normally three kind of dust collector will kept by the main contractor. Follow up the contained and dispose accordingly.

QA/QC  Checking

The Site Engineer co-ordinate with site foreman that all cabinets are installed as per the client requirement.

The following points to be taken care

Check for no scratches, damage panels

Check for all panels are aligned properly.

Check all the panels are even and straight.

Check for any gap between the panels.

Check for cleanliness and avoid any dust particle.


Clean with nice cloth. Make a protection with polyurethane sheet.


  • ITP
  • Checklist
  • Risk Assessment