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Testing & Commissioning Of Booster Transfer & Circulation Pump Set

Following to be ensured before functional Performance Test of the pumps.

Pump(s) in place, grouted, vibration isolation devices functional, pump alignment and rotation verified. Power available with motor protection, safeties, control system contactors and interlocks functional.


Heater water/supply piping system pressure tested, cleaned, chemical water treatment completed and report submitted.

Pressure and temperature gauges installed and functional. Water balance complete with design maximum flow and pressure obtained, and report submitted.

Testing & Commissioning Of Pump Set

Confirm that the system is completely filled with water:

  • Tighten the foundation bolts properly. Check the suction line connection in order to avoid drawing of air into the pump.
  • Open the suction valve slowly, and start the pump by opening the discharge valve. Observe any leakage in the pump.
  • After few minutes of operation note the pressure reading at both suction and discharge sides.
  • Measure the RPM / speed of the pump motor using the tachometer.
  • Note down the amperes of the motor on both load and off load positions.
  • Check and record the motor temperature and make sure the motor is not heating up and values are in acceptable limits.

Contractor shall provide all suitably qualified personnel to assist as required to perform Functional Performance Tests.

tachometer rpm monitoring

Functional Performance Test: Contractor shall demonstrate operation of pump(s) per specification including the following:

  1. Activate pump start using control system command.
  2. Verify pressure drop across strainer, verify strainer is clean. Verify pump inlet/outlet pressure reading, compare to test and balance report, pump design conditions, and pump manufacturer’s performance data. Operate pump(s) at shutoff, 50 % and 100 % flow. Plot test readings on pump curve, verify specified flow is obtained.
  3. Verify motor amperage per phase and voltage phase-to-phase and phase-to-ground.
  4. Check and report any unusual vibration, noise, etc.


If specified equipment performance is not verified, the General Contractor shall see that corrections are made and reschedule functional performance test as soon as possible after corrective work is completed.

Reports: Submit reports of final functional performance test for acceptance by the consultant engineer.

Inspection & Testing Plan

All the works shall be inspected in accordance to the inspection & testing plan and inspection checklists. Results of inspection & testing shall be recorded on the inspection checklist forms.


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