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Installation method of statement for Axial, Centrifugal and Propeller Exhaust Fans


Installation method of statement for Axial, Centrifugal and Propeller Exhaust Fans

This standing procedure defines the method that will be used to ensure that axial, centrifugal and propeller fan’s supports and vibration isolators, final connections to ductwork, installation and workmanship is correct and acceptable and conforms to the specification and contract requirements.

Fans Installation Procedure

  1. All necessary assembly operations will be carried out before installation of any fans. Care will be taken to ensure that all fastenings are tightened securely and that any lifting points’ provisions will be used correctly.
  2. Refer to the selection data on approved contractors drawings and identify the correct fan for the installation being carried out.
  3. Temporary protection will be provided to protect service openings during transit to final installation location.
  4. Support frames for floor or ceiling mounted fans will be securely fixed to housekeeping pads, or building structure, adequate space will be allowed for movement of fans during operation, as shown on the construction drawing.
  5. Ensure the correct selection of vibration isolators for the fans are identified, and are installed into or onto their support frame as detailed on the construction drawings.
  6. Ensure a minimum gap not less than – 50mm between fan collar and ductwork before the installation of final flexible connections.
  7. Before making final flexible connections, check where ductwork is internally insulated or acoustically lined.
  8. Final Flexible connections will be made as indicated in SMACNA Flexible Connections to centrifugal and similarly SMACNA Procedure will be adopted for Axial Flow Fans.
  9. Flexible connections on Axial Fans will be located remotely from the fan inlet or discharge i.e. on the ducting side of the fan transition sections.  The whole fan assembly including inlet and discharge ductwork transitions shall be mounted on a structural steel frame with vibration isolators and spring hangers as shown on the approved construction drawing.
  10. It will be ensured that all completed installations is neat and tidy and that there is adequate spacing between ductwork and fans allowing access for operation and ease of maintenance.
  11. The mechanical supervisor and the QA/QC will continuously monitor the activities to ensure that all components indicated on the approved drawings have been installed and that the installation is in accordance with the contract requirements and manufacturer’s recommendation.
  12. After the completed installation of a fan and its associated equipment , it will be protected by polythene sheet or other similar material until final completion of the completed system.