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GI Cable Trunking Installation Method Statement

a) Storage of Material

All materials received at site shall be inspected and ensured that the materials are as per approved material submittal. Any discrepancies, damages etc.shall be notified and reported for further action.


Material found not suitable for the project are removed from site immediately. GI Trunking are stored in horizontal position on flat surface with timber support at each meter and covered to protect from moisture and direct sunlight.

b) Installation

  • After the civil clearance to proceed with MEP installations, ensure the area is clean and ready to start the works.
  • Ensure all the relevant current / approved shop drawings are available with the installation team.
  • Required quantity of standard length of G.I. trunking and accessories are shifted from site stores to the work place with help of cranes and wheel barrow, clean the material for dust from storage and transportation.
  • Mark the G.I. Trunking routes as per approved shop drawings, Ensure these are of horizontal and vertical runs only, except where it is not practicable and approved by consultant.
  • Coordinate the routes, levels and ensure there are no clashes with other services. Maintain a minimum of 150mm clearance from other mechanical services.
  • Maintain enough clearance for removal of cover or any future Maintenance works.
  • Mark the support, fix the supports with appropriate metal plugs, threaded rods and nuts, ‘L’ angles / slotted ‘C’ channels and nuts.  A maximum of 1.2 mtr distance is maintained between the supports to avoid sagging of G.I. Trunking.  Provide supports at 150mm bends from branches and offsets.
  • Cut the standard length of G.I. Trunking to required length with Appropriate cutting tools and fixing holes with drilling machines.  And fixed with the necessary accessories.
  • Ensure the installation of G.I. Trunking are neat, in straight line for good aesthetic look. Trim the extra projected supports.
  • All sharp edges and burrs, inside and outside of the trunking shall be cleaned for installation of wires and cables.
  • Approved fire sealant shall be provided wherever the trunking installation crosses the fire rated walls.
  • Sleeves shall be provided at all the wall crossings.
  • Copper earth links shall be installed at every joints to maintain continuity throughout the installation. This continuity is tested and recorded.
  • Provide identification labels as specified to identify the service.
  • GI trunking covers shall be provided after the cabling and wiring activities are completed.
  • Work Inspection Request shall be raised for Consultant’s inspection and sign off.


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