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General Safety Requirements For Working On Height (Scaffolds & Ladders)

Maximum fall incidents take place due to improper use of scaffolds and ladders especially in construction industry.

There are plenty of means used in construction sites for performing the work at height that include rigid stationary scaffolds, mobile tower scaffolds, mobile platforms, man-lifts and ladders etc.


In ordered to ensure that all works that require working on height, takes place in safe manner, the following should be considered:

Tower and stationary Scaffolds

Scaffolds must be errected by trained and certified scaffolders. Stand or erect towers on firm base or level ground. Brakes on castors are always being used.

Secure the tower to the structure if necessary by ties or ropes Tower inspections to be done regularly by trained and certified scaffolders, the tags must be displayed for the status of all scaffolds.

  • Must be erected on stable and level ground;
  • Sole plates and base plates must be used
  • Guard rails, middle rails and toe boards will be place on the inside of the standard;
  • Toe boards must be in place
  • Plank overhang to be kept as small as possible +/- 300mm;
  • Adequate access ladders to be provided, access ladders must extend one meter above the work deck
  • Mobile scaffolding must be fitted with heavy duty casters and a locking device;
  • All wooden scaffold boards will be unpainted;
  • All boards will be free from splits, decay and damage;


Most of accidents of falling occur due to use of ladders, therefore care must be taken to use the ladders and should be allowed only if it is must and no other method fits that area.

  • Louisville wooden step ladders type are allowed to be used
  • Unsound ladders should never be used
  • Lean sideways from ladders is forbidden
  • Ties to be fitted all the time with right length
  • Regular inspections will be done by safety officer

Ladders can be used by considering the following:

  •  The work can be done by using one hand
  • The work area can be reached without stretching so no risk of dis-balance
  • The ladder can be fixed to prevent slipping on firm base
  • A good handhold is available for the person.