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Fire Alarm System Installation Method Statement

All materials received at site shall be inspected and ensured that the materials are as per approved material submittal. Any discrepancies, damages etc. shall be notified and reported for further action. Material found not suitable for the project shall be removed from site immediately. All the Fire Alarm System Outstations, Modules & Control Panels etc. shall be stored in an air conditioned place.

Installation Procedure

  • 25 mm PVC Conduiting for concealed installation. For surface installation, FP200 cable will be clipped on the soffit on the slab in false ceiling and non-false ceiling areas.
  • The containment system for Fire Alarm system is being used wherever required and also near the Fire Alarm control panels.
  • Correct type of back boxes for all the outstations should be installed as per approved shop drawings / material submittals. The mounting heights for the Junction boxes should be verified with approved shop drawings.
  • Containment System should be offered for QC verification prior to cabling works.
  • All the related documents like latest approved shop drawings and schematic etc. should be available with installation team.
  • The required amount of cable should be transferred from Stores to Site access point by pick-up and to the particular floor with wheelbarrow as required to the work place.Fire-Alarm-System-Method-Statement
  • The correct size and type of cable should be identified and cut to the required length.
  • All the cables should be clipped in surface or installed in concealed PVC conduit or G.I. Tray only.
  • Proper identifications to be provided for loop in / loop out of Fire Alarm cables.
  • The earth cables to all the outstations to be properly terminated with earth sleeve in the appropriate terminal in order to avoid any earth fault in the loop.
  • The junction boxes and back boxes to the outstations such as smoke detectors, manual call points and modules should be installed as per the approved shop drawings.
  • Installation of system outstation should be offered for QC Verification.
  • Adequate additional cable lengths to be provided during cabling for the detectors, which are coming in False ceiling.
  • All the cables to be terminated in the outstations with proper screw driver and as per the identifications provided in the cables. No joints are allowed in between two outstations.
  • All the Fire Alarm control Panels such as Main Control Panels, Mimic Panels, Repeater Panels should be installed as per approved shop drawing.
  • Installation shall be offered for QC verification.
  • All Smoke Detectors to have cover on it after installation and before handing over of the area, in order to avoid any physical damages / accumulation of dust within the Smoke Detectors.
  • All cables to be properly identified in Fire Alarm control panel before termination.
  • Installation of Beam sensors to be as per the approved shop drawings / Manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • Installation of Duct detectors to be as shown in the approved shop drawings.
  • Work Inspection Request shall be raised for Consultant’s inspection and sign off.


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