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Cables & Wires Installation Procedure

a) Storage of Materials at Site

All materials received at site shall be inspected and ensured that the materials are as per approved material submittal. Any discrepancies, damages etc.shall be notified and reported for further action. Material found not suitable for the project are removed from site immediately.


Cables are stored with the factory packing on the flat surface with stoppers to prevent drums rolling, as demonstrated on the attachment. Protection shall be provided from direct sunlight. Wires shall be sorted and stored size-wise for easy retrieval. Wires shall be stored in covered and ventilated place.

b) Installation Procedure for Cables

  • Ensure all the relevant current / approved shop drawings are available with the installation team.
  • Transfer the cable to the work place with help of fork –lifts or crane and trailer. Enough man power shall be deployed.
  • Handle the cable drums as recommended by the manufacturer for cable drum handling.
  • Check the cable drum for any damage during transportation and test the cable for continuity and insulation resistance before installation with 500V Megger on (0-600V) cable.
  • Check and ensure the cable support system throughout the cable route is completed and free from damage or sharp edges.
  • Place cable roller on the cable route at every 1.5 meters and end bells at the bends.
  • Identify the designated cable drum for cable pulling and raise the cable drum above the ground level with cable jack to unwind the cables to the pulling direction.
  • Pull the cable with cable pulling machine or manually from one feeder end to the other end.
  • Ensure no undue stress is applied on the cable which may damage the cable and its functionality. Recommended pulling tension by the manufacturer to be adhered to.
  • Leave enough length of cables at both the ends for termination and cut.
  • After pulling the cable check for mechanical damage, if any major damage found replace the cable with new one.
  • Dress the cable with necessary cable ties of approved type and make (every half metres) and no overlap of cables shall be allowed.
  • Maintain gaps between the cables as per standards / as required.
  • In case of single core 630 Sq.mm cable, trifoil arrangement with cable touching along their entire length is adopted.
  • Provide identification as per specification and approved material submittals.
  • Installation shall be offered for QC verification and inspection by consultant.

Installation of Wires Procedure

  • Ensure all the related documents like current / approved shop drawings and load schedules are available with installation team.
  • Transfer the required amount of wires from stores to the crane access point by pickup and lifted by crane to the particular floor and / or with wheel barrow to the work place.Cables-and-wires-method-statement
  • Prior to pulling of wires, check and ensure there are not sharp edges or burrs in the raceways to prevent damage while pulling wires.
  • Identify the correct size and colour. ( According to the specified colour coding ) of wire , cut to the required length.
  • In case of trunking each circuit shall be taped or stapped together at intervals, and place the wires in trunking. Pulling is not allowed in trunking.
  • Do not bunch two circuits together, if done so, for easy installation, shall be removed after installation.
  • Pull the wires through conduits with the help of pull wires.
  • Comb the wires in trunking for better flexibility during replacement.
  • Ensure no joints are made in any circuit.
  • Where trunking installed vertically, pin racks shall be provided at 3m centers to avoid strain on conductors.
  • Leave a minimum of 250mm length or more according to the requirement which should be enough for connection to the desired terminals.
  • Cover the trunking with appropriate covers (or) cover the pull boxes in case of conduits.
  • Work Inspection Request shall be raised for Consultant’s inspection and sign off.


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