Fuctional Test

The following functional test will be carried out for testing & commissioning of Ventilation and General Exhaust Fans.

  • Check and ensure pre-commissioning is done for Ventilation and General Exhaust Fans, use pre commissioning checklist for recording the inspections.
  • Check and ensure permit to work is obtained and approved for the work to be performed.

Ventilation and General Exhaust Fans – Start-up:

  • Check and ensure control panel are completed and commissioned related to Ventilation and General Exhaust Fans is prior to start-up.
  • Check the line voltage by using multi meter.
  • Switch on the control panel and check the indication lights are ON.
  • Switch on the push button in the control panel (HOA switch shall be in Hand Mode) and run the motor for few minutes.
  • Check the motor rotation for correct direction, if the rotation is in opposite direction, then interchange any two phases at motro terminals for correct rotation.
  • Check and ensure that there is no unsual moise or vibration after start-up.
  • After one hour operation of the Fan, check that all bolts/fasterners are secure and tight.
  • Measure the voltage and drawn current of the motor and record the readings for motor starting amps, running amps, voltage.
  • All BMS controls (peripherals) are checked for proper operation.

Testing & Balancing:

Please note, after start-up and commissioning of Ventilation and General Exhaust Fans, approved independent third party agency will check and carryout the Testing & Balancing works in accordance with project specification, refer to Testing, Adjusting & Balancing approved procedure.